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"bottom third"
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Flare Transition Both Sides Top Bottom

Smoke From Bottom 6

3D Model Human Anatomy Scan Rotating From Bottom Up

Minimal Thirds

3D Model Human Body Anatomy Scan Rotating Bottom Up

Shot from the bottom woman stand smile looking up in forest outdoors with yellow leaves attractive brunette foliage happy relax autumn rest backpack hiker vacation portrait slow motion close up


Bottom view shot of five cheerful multiethnic university students hugging and smiling while standing together in circle

White Dust Particles From Bottom

Alpha Channel Lower Third Futuristic Sci-Fi Interface H.U.D. Transparent Background Ultra HD

Slow Motion Flames From Bottom of Screen

Water at the Bottom of Autumn Valley in Aspen 3

Slow motion of people making stack of hands on the background of clear blue sky, bottom shot. Unity and teamwork concept

Rear view of the curvaceous bottom of a sexy young woman in a colorful swimsuit walking across a beach close up torso

Bottom view cheerful guy dancing with multiethnic friends at open air party. Closeup eyeglasses young man rocking dance floor in sunset urban background. Happy people partying at disco outdoors.

Lower Third Set Eight

3D Model Human Muscular Scan From Bottom Up

Looping animated group 3 of three lower thirds with dynamic alpha channel

Particles Based Lower Third Seamless Loop Full HD Blue Cyan

Sunbeams on the sandy bottom under the water slow motion

Lower Third Set Ten

Love Lower Third Set Five


Bottom view of four multiethnic graduates wearing university graduate gowns putting their diplomas together, raising hands with diplomas, laughing and then looking at camera

Lower Third Set One


The moon shines through the sea and you can see the caustics at the bottom.

Video close up shot plane parking angle from bottom view

Lower Third Set Four

Lower Third Set twenty three

1st 2nd 3rd Place First Second Third Winners 3 D Animation

Massive Explosion with Alpha Channel. For best results footage horizon line should be at bottom third.

Lower Third Set Eleven

Lower Third Set Eighteen

Looping animated group 13 of three lower thirds with dynamic alpha channel

Cayan Tower timelapse (known also as Infinity Tower) in Dubai Marina. Perspective view from bottom to cloudy blue sky, The tower is world's tallest high rise building with a twist of 90 degrees - 306

Lower Third Set Nine

Ballot paper with vote checkbox place. Concept for voter registration and participation in USA. Republican or Democratic Party, Third parties. 2020 United States presidential election

Looping animated group 8 of three lower thirds with dynamic alpha channel

Female hand pushing third floor button on panel into elevator car. Close up woman hand pressing lift button number three on elevator panel

Swipe In Thirds Animation

Transparent Background Lower Third with reflective floor Seamless Loop Full HD Pink Red

Lower third fourteen GBS Green Screen L3rds

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS - MARCH 2020: Bottom View on an Office skyscrapers, top of the buildings Gimbal Shot

Green Screen Lower third 4N

Transparent Lower Third Alpha Channel Particles Based Seamless Loop Full HD Purple Blue ( Just Drag and Drop on your Foootage )

Lower third forty two GBS Green Screen L3rds

Transparent Background Lower Third with reflective floor Seamless Loop Full HD Green

Lower third nine GBS Green Screen L3rds

Lower third thirty three GBS Green Screen L3rds

Alpha abstract lower third 3N