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Close-up of a young man's eye

A blurred close view of a girl on the seashore. The woman putting on sunglasses and getting pure vision

Tired man takes off glasses suffering from blurred vision

Tired mature man rubbing his eyes. Man with tired eyes on blurred window background. Vision problem concept.

A macro view on a camera lens changing focus.


Senior man in blue hoodie squinting and trying on against a yellow background

Indian woman takes off glasses rub nose bridge relieving eyestrain

Close up view of focused Black African American businessman wears computer glasses for reducing eye strain blurred vision looking at pc

Man Pulls Down On Eye To Show Pink Eye Infection To Camera Close Up On Eyes

Close up face of boy with tired eyes. Teen boy rubbing his eyes. Vision problems concept.

Blured night winter traffic lights, time-lapse

Close up view of focused Black African American businessman wears computer glasses for reducing eye strain blurred vision looking at pc

Driving At Night Effect Point Of View

A car turning left on a captivating night highway. Enchanting cinematic shot of traffic and bright headlights.

Out of focus background with blurry unfocused lights. Video. Color Blurred background : Bokeh lighting in city night light blur bokeh

Tired young professional overwhelmed by computer work.

Portrait of cheerful Teenage girl sitting on swing on playground closing her eyes.

Abstract time tunnel with double vision effect, seamless loop. Blurred rotating funnel with clock hands and tick marks on white background.

Blue light. A man with a lifted up hand singing on stage. A music group at a concert. Blurred vision

Blurred shot of candle fires in dark ambiance, blurry vision of light given by candle fires in dark environment, selective focus

Many rays coming from the one point spreading and shining all over the screen, seamless loop. Animation. Neon colorful light beams of pink

Man pressing his hands to his temples stimulating the flow of intraocular fluid

Bright surgical lamp turning off in dark hospital operating room close up. Defocused white lights switch off in intensive care unit. Modern medical equipment in clinic ward. POV patient looking lamp.

Close-up portrait of focused man reading closing one eye with occluder as blurred doctor standing at background. Male patient undergoing examination in ophthalmological clinic.

Tired Indian woman massages nose bridge reducing headache and eyestrain

Black female employee overworked by pc suffer from eye strain

Portrait of serious bearded man putting on his glasses isolated on a white background close up.

Tired Black female working online take glasses off rub nose

Old lady sitting by the window and looking through binoculars at home

Slit lamp in hospital with blurred doctor examining eye of man talking. Medical examination in ophthalmological clinic indoors. Health care and medicine concept.

Female senior slowly sliding on smartphone's screen due to eyesight's problem, elderly granny tired of modern technology wireless device because of suffering from blurry vision eyestrain problem


Woman uses laptop, frustrated with computer problems, stressed about a software glitch, worried about reading bad news on social media.

Elderly woman looking at smartphone screen through magnifying glass while sitting at table

Macro detail of glasses

Boy undergoing eyesight test with professional woman in ophthalmological hospital

Woman with ponytail reads book wearing glasses on blurred background. Student enjoys studying at home.

Old woman looking at smartphone screen through magnifying glass

Red-haired woman rests eyes after computer work on blurred background. Freelance worker removes glasses for a break.

Old woman looking at smartphone screen through magnifying glass

Elderly man with binoculars, blurred background. Senior man looking through binoculars.

Surgery lamp turning on in dark operating ward closeup. Medical equipment room. Defocused bright lights on ceiling in intensive care unit. Patient POV during surgical procedure in hospital building.

Bridge and roadway in city. Footage. Speeding cars on Bridge. Urban living and transportation concept. Traffic in the city on the bridge

Grandfather looking through binoculars. Elderly man with binoculars looking for something on blurred background.

Coin operated binoculars in city at night 4k

Barcelona, Spain - April 27, 2018: Inside view of the car. Driving car on the mountain road. Car rides on serpentine. POV view. Mediterranean Sea nearby.

Senior man looking through a pair of binoculars. Grandfather looking into binoculars and looking for something, blurred background.

Virtual Reality: Exploring Future Technology with a Young Man

Curious child using binoculars on blurred background. Kid observing locations.