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Abstract lens flares on black background. Ideal for overlay on your footage.

Anamorphic glare on the lens

Dust, dirt, scratches, hairs old damaged surface. Grunge texture. Retro vintage effect on black background.

old film - dust and scratches on the screen

Film Grain - Med BW

Film light turning on


Film industry inscription of golden color on black background. Luxurious atmosphere. Graphic presentation with dynamically moving spot

twinkling defocused dust particles abstract golden orange background

Perforation of Film on Green Screen

Authentic 4K Super 8 Film Frame With Sprocket Hole for Retro Vintage Digital Video Effects.

Soldiers during World War II - archive

Abstract lens flares on a dark background

Grunge Abstract Random Strings


Smoke on black background. Smoking, steam clouds of vapour close-up. Burning, fog

old camera and roll of film on highlighted table. Close up.

Footage of a person using a clapper board isolated on a black background...

Natural Organic Dust Particles Floating On Black Background. Dynamic Dust Particles Randomly Float In Space. Shimmering Glittering Dust Particles With Bokeh. Slow motion on Black Background.

Burning Colored Paper on a Green Screen

Anamorphic blue optical lens flares moving downwards. Natural blue light leak. Isolated on black background. Great for compositing.

Old VHS video tape cassettes on table, 80s concept.

Close up shot of a video zoom lens focusing

Vertical film scratch texture that can be composited over your footage using the Screen blending mode for light, random film scratches.

Abstract dreamy lights visual effect. Cool transition of lights in motion. Glitter effect for background.

Futuristic Lens flare Light Leak overlay on black background. Spherical Optical Light abstract background 4K

Ultra hight definition effect of light leaks on dark background. 4k footage of light leak effect.

Real Film Red Light Leaks - 4K

Old 35mm film scan

Light leaks in motion on the edges in high definition. Sparkles appear on the edges of the frame.

Video lens of professional digital video camera. Close up of digital video camera lens. Professional camera lens. Movie camera shots reportage. Focus aperture of lens and focus ring

Dynamic lens flares on black background. Put them in overlay mode on your own videos

Giza pyramid complex, also called Giza Necropolis, is site on Giza Plateau near Cairo, Egypt. Pyramids of Khufu and Khafre. Video in retro style like an old black and white film

Static noise of flickering detuned TV screen. Stock. TV noise background

VHS Analog Abstract Digital Animation. Old TV. Glitch Error Video Damage. Signal Noise. System error. Unique Design. Bad signal. Digital TV Noise flickers. No signal. White spot 4K

Old damaged abstract grunge surface on black background. Retro vintage effect.

Old Black And White Photographic Film Look

Dust background on black background

White Lights Leaks Overlay on Black Background. Concept the Motion of Bokeh. Natural Lighting Lamp Rays Bokeh Effect

Cinematic lens flares Light Leak overlay on black background. Spherical Optical Light abstract background 4K

Sharpened Old Photographic Film Look With Sides

Closeup of old retro film camera.

Retro warm light effect isolated over black background

Film Frame with Sprocket Hole and Noise, Dust, Hair, Scratches on Old Damaged Seamless Texture.

Old damaged abstract grunge surface on black background. Retro vintage effect.

Anamorphic light on a black background

Fire Window Three quarter 60 Fps. A small fire sizzles from a barrel on a black background shot in 120 fps from the Ignite collection - Fire VFX Video Element.

Falling raindrops animation in Realtime on black and green screen, Seamlessly looped animation, perfect for film, digital composition, projection mapping

TV and film lighting spot switching off - CU


Lens flares bokeh and light Leak