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Close up shot experimenting on plants with GMO in modern research facility

Crop young female scientist looking down a microscope in a laboratory surrounded by colorful chemical solutions in test tubes and beakers

A scientist in a laboratory analyzes the soil and the plants inside to collect the plant DNA. Concept: analysis, dna, bio, microbiology, augmented reality, biochemistry, immersive technology

A scientist in a laboratory, analyzing the plants and earth tubes and slides in and take up the DNA and does research in biochemistry. Concept: analysis, dna, bio, microbiology, love of nature

Medicine and health care service science research network

3D Animation of abstract molecule. Concept of science or medicine

scientist working in a lab on developing a coronavirus vaccine

scientist dropping chemical solution for analyzing : hologram chemical structure in futuristic technology for testing in laboratory

Chemist laboratory with nobody in it modernly equipped prepared for pharmaceutical innovation using high tech and microbiology tools for scientific research. Vaccine development against covid19 virus

Preparation of a laboratory mouse for experiment

male doctor work in laboratory, developing a vaccine. Coronavirus, COVID-19, 2019-ncov medicines research concept. Use Microscope


Modern biochemical analyzer filled with test tubes. spbd Genetics worker putting inserting test tubes bottles with dna into the pcr thermal cycler or amplifier for diagnostics. concept pharmaceutical

Busy day in bio research center. Female scientist works on the computer that displays an advanced human and DNA scan

Close up of centrifugation of assays in test tubes


Scientist in lab wearing VR goggles working on augmented reality virtual holograms. Lab research with 3D render futuristic holograms, health care scientific. VFX and real medical doctor footage

Blood sample in micro tubes

Side view of scientist in hazmat suit sitting at table and researching coronavirus vaccine during work in modern laboratory

Man research scientist in coverall looking at samples under microscope in modern equipped laboratory. Doctor working with various bacteria, tissue, blood tests, pharmaceutical research for antibiotics

scientist with a pipette analyzes a colored liquid to extract the DNA and molecules in the test tubes. Concept:research,biochemistry,immersive technology,augmented reality

closeup lab tech with sample of Coronavirus virus

Medicine and pharmaceutical laboratory with female scientist working and doing medical test. Sequence

Three ecologists in suits collaborating and working with test tube

Female researcher microscoping in scientific genetic laboratory. Biochemical expertise and diagnostic. Close up biologist looking in microscope. High technology clinic equipment. Lab exam

Holographic DNA strand lightning with blue color against black background during rotation

Male Scientist Using Microscope In Laboratory

Scientist in lab coat working at a computer in modern equipped laboratory. Multiethnic team examining vaccine evolution using high tech and chemistry tools for scientific research, virus development

Laboratory people. Scientists working in chemistry laboratory. Biologists team working in laboratory. Modern science laboratory. Researchers working with laboratory equipment. Scientific research

3D rendered footage with animation of rotation of model molecules from glass


Pharmaceutical scientist looking at green leaf sample on microscope

microbiologist is taking liquid with dangerous bacteria from test tube by pipette in laboratory, working with chemicals and toxins, closeup


African reseacher looking at test tube with green dna of sapling

Two Scientist looking at DNA on computer screen

closeup of hazmat scientist using a microscope in his lab 4k

Abstract DNA Strands on a grid background. Science technology concept.

Crane shot of scientists working with solutions and microscope, tablet with image of DNA lying beside

Microbiologist sitting in laboratory wearing ppe suit looking at camera in modern equipped lab. Team of scientists examining virus evolution using high tech and chemistry tools for scientific research

Slow motion shot of an automated pipetting system in France. Scientist

Anonymous person in gloves dropping chemicals in pot with plant while working in lab

Slow motion macro shot of drop falling into a test tube in a laboratory

Abstract DNA double helix with depth of field rotating

Follow shot of three engineers in lab coats, two men and one woman, inspecting industrial greenhouse complex

two technicians are working in scientific laboratory, man is researching sample by microscope and woman working with chemicals

Microbiology laboratory work with tests

Microbiological laboratory work with tests

Microscope lenses

Scientist at work. Researcher looks at object under magnifying glass with laboratory equipment. Scientific research in science laboratory. Female scientist working


man doctor in protective glasses examining sample using microscope. Spbas image of sample on computer. working to research study chemistry. concept healthcare and medicine

Woman scientist examining petri dish and looking down on microscope in modern equipped laboratory. Multiethnic team analysing vaccine evolution using high tech for researching treatment against virus