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Elegant Woman in Sundress Praying at Sunrise

Spiritual Man Gazing Skyward with Hope and Gratitude: Contemplative Person Embracing Faith and Opening Eyes

Silhouette of a man praying at sunset concept of religion. Silhouette man close up praying with sunset background.

Skyward Thanks: Young Woman Opens and Closes Eyes to Sky, Expressing Gratitude

A person rises her hands towards the sky and makes a prayer

Skyward gratitude: Grateful mature man standing outdoors, smiling at the sky with hope and faith, embodying a sense of gratitude and faithfulness.

Front View of a Young Man Praying in the Mosque

Prayer on the mount

Contemplative Young African Man Standing in park Looking At Sky With Hope And Faith 3

Man standing still in a calm ocean, raises his arms towards the sun in the early morning sunrise to a worship pose while looking up at the sky seeking answers and looking for inspiration.

Panning of African-American pastor wearing black shirt and white collar sitting on wooden bench in Lutheran church with closed eyes and praying to God

Woman With Belief Looking Up


Hopeful Gaze Of Senior Man Close Up Eyes Staring At Sky Having Faith And Hope Contemplative Expression Of Elderly Persons Eye Looking Skywards

Slow motion of young woman praying in Catholic church

Faithful Young Man Looking Up At Sky In Prayer Asking For Gods Help With Hopeful Expression A Spiritual Male Person In 30 S With Lens Flare Sunlight

Guy correcting the inscription is impossible in possible. the concept of motivation and self-belief

World's highest mosque in mystical and religious ambiance above the clouds

Sinner woman knelt down to pray to God in church temple. Religious faith and spirituality. Spirit of christianity and belief in the Goodness of God.


Happy African Man Closing And Opening Eyes In Contemplation


Close Up Elderly Mans Eyes Looking Up At Sky In Contemplation Feeling The Presence Of God 70 S Person Having Hope And Faith

Medium close-up of a man praying and murmuring

Krabi province, Thailand CIRCA 2019. Portrait of buddhist monk looking at camera with sunset sun in background on top of Tiger Cave Temple Wat Tham Suea

Hand crosses out part of text on white paper. Motivation for business. unrecognizable hand person wtite words I CAN'T DO IT. Concept for self belief, positive attitude.

Woman looks with hope to the sky

Silhouette of a man praying at sunset concept of religion

Female hands holding a wooden religious cross near burning glowing candles in the Temple of the Lord. Christian faith in God


Contemplative Gaze Of Senior Man Close Up Eyes Looking Up With Hope And Faith Wrinkled Aged Spiritual Older Person Looking Upwards

Man looks up at the sky with hope

Silhouette Of A Senior Woman In Prayer At Hoem Suring Sunset Contemplative Meditative Elderly Person Praying To God

Peaceful man meditating in yoga pose, finding spiritual and mental healing on mountain top at daybreak.


Golden cupolas of Saint Sophia Cathedral or Sophia of Kiev in Ukraine, ancient historical monument of Kievan Rus. Today it is one of city best known landmarks

Silhouette of a praying man in a hoodie on nature background

Close up of hands of male unrecognizable African-American parishioner holding rosary beads while praying to God in church

Panning of African-American pastor wearing black trousers, shirt and white collar standing in Lutheran church and preaching sermon to several diverse parishioners

Silhouette of a man praying at sunset concept of religion. Silhouette man close up praying with sunset background.

Praying with open hands.


Person in white robes lights oil lamps at temple, spiritual offerings at dusk. Worshipers practice devotion, illuminate shrine, create

Young man in church, crossing himself and leaving

Cinematic authentic macro shot of pensive young woman with green eye is looking in camera.

Praying Woman on Sunset

A person raises hands towards the sky and makes a prayer, muslim prayer concept


2023-05-05 - Mirissa, Sri Lanka. Tal Aramba Sri Mahendrarama Temple. Buddha statue illuminated at night with flowers during Vesak. Devotees

Blond woman practicing yoga at home, holding hands in namaste

Close up of rosary beads hanging in Christian church and unrecognizable elderly priest wearing festive golden robe preaching on background

Religious prayer rally

Man walks away after standing in stillness of the ocean with hands reaching out towards the sun in a worshiping pose looking at the sunrise or sunset with his reflection in the water below him.

woman praying on a black background

Wedding Vow at Church: Young Woman at Altar with Unrecognizable Groom