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Trailing Along the Desert

A cracked dry soil landscape, desolate and barren as far as the eye can see, where no human life could exist or crops could ever grow.

Closeup of Green Vegetation in Desert Field 3

Climate Change Drought Disaster Cracked Mud


Aerial view of the arid, barren, and rocky landscape of Chiriaco Summit, San Diego, California, United States.


An animal skull on a sandy surface with rocks and plants

Silhouette of a lost man standing on sand in the desert facing the bright sun

Dried plants. Jerusalem artichoke withered, drought killed the plant

Child exploring lifeless but picturesque Lanzarote landscape

Lifeless desert land dry lake bed with cracked ground. Drought and crisis environment. Global warming. Waterless soil due lack of moisture

Dry Barren Landscape

Surreal aerial view moonscape of Iceland countryside. Birds eye amazing view of desert icelandic landscape. Blue light. Amazing in nature

Car driving on road in volcanic landscape. Forwards tracking of vehicle passing narrow bridge over water. Iceland

Aerial view above landscape that looks like Mars near Hanksville Utah.

Moving slowly by the gigantic canyons and gorges in a red desert landscape.

A breathtaking desert landscape with majestic mountains in the distance

woman in the style of cyberpunk and postapocalypse

Christ in the Wilderness and Mud Volcano - legs

Mountain scenery with dry grass in Afghanistan

Aerial view of the Biblical wilderness in the Negev of Israel.

Arabian desert slow motion sand dunes blowing in the wind during a sand storm. Ocean shore.

Unrecognizable man check soil quality before sowing. Farmer hands touch soil. Drought and crisis environment. Global warming. Lifeless, waterless soil due lack of moisture

Closeup of Green Vegetation in Desert Field


Man in woody landscape, walking near tree in snow under grey sky

Desert Landscape to Tree Dolly

A low angle aerial daytime flyover establishing shot of the Arizona desert.

View of Meteor Crater, a meteorite impact crater in the northern Arizona desert of the United States of America. American natural landscape in the Southwest US

Barren Land in California Desert


Man Hiking in tree snow landscape outdoors

Barren land video stock footage

Aerial Shot of Joshua Trees in Nevada Desert

A lone Elephant walking slowly across a dry, barren and desolate landscape with no water or vegetation as far as the eye can see.

Flying over the Bonneville Salt Flats covered in water during the winter season viewing cracks in the surface under the crystal clear water.


A snowcovered tree stands in a freezing snowy landscape under the sky

An animal skull resting on rocks in the arid desert landscape

Sand blowing over sand dunes in wind, Sahara desert

astronaut on another planet with dust and fog


A large rock formation in the middle of a desert

A Lapwing Bird in its Natural Habitat Near the Water

Forwards tracking of SUV car driving on road and passing with another car. High voltage power lines leading through plains. Iceland

Teepee Establishing Shot


A large rock formation in the middle of a desert

Wild Partridge Living in its Natural Environment

dolly wide indian brick hut

Volcanic rock desert of Iceland

Close up for black drone standing on the ground before the flight, aerial video and photo shooting concept. Clip. Quadcopter starting to

A large crane sitting on top of a dirt field

Aerial view of cows grazing for livestock in treeless waterless and arid climate