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Hispanic latino Businessman Got Scold By His Female African American Boss Problems At Work

Nervous businessman quarrelling in coworking having conflict at workplace blaming accuses for bad work incompetence mistakes. Reprimanding unsuccessful results and rivalry concept.

Hispanic Man In Trouble Having Problem With His Female African Boss

4K. UHD. Portrait of Young successful beard businessman in suit and tie disgusted with Your opinion. He looks mistrust with crossed hands. Head denial. Sunny morning teal and orange middle shot

Angry bearded boss quarreling mixed race confused subordinates for bad made work and showing them their mistakes in financial reports

Irritated business woman swearing at colleagues in office. Nervous woman boss shouting on worker. Bad teamwork results. Marketing team analyzing downgrade result. Angry boss screaming on employee

Unhappy businessman browsing business graphs and charts in night office. Sad analyst working overtime with financial reports in late office. Bankrupt and bad business statistic

Upset businessman sitting in chair in office at evening. Disappointed man thinking business problem solving. Business owner problem. Portrait of sad business man thinking in home office

Businesswoman showing thumbs down to the camera outside the building

Serious dissatisfied Caucasian manager in hard hat scolding incompetent Middle Eastern young employee in warehouse. Handsome man sighing as boss talking showing laptop. Failure and conflict.

Tired CEO businessman in office, close up taking off glasses after office work, relieve dry irritated red eyes, chronic computer syndrome, bad weak vision problem, depressed executive entrepreneur

Dissatisfied businesswoman looking into camera and showing thumbs down sign

Frustrated angry multi ethnic male boss or manager yelling and walking away from his young female employee in a all female work environment

Angry buisness woman boss shouting at her employees during meeting conference. Annoyed employer demand a result. Bad work bullying, dispute desrespect. Team work trouble.

Unpleasantly surprised man with a smartphone in a car, close-up

Businessman upset about bad results in documents

Angry business man throwing document paper on computer table in dark office. Nervous business analyst working overtime with financial reports in late office.

business boss woman criticizing young specialist work in dark office. Upset business woman correcting bad work at workplace. Stressed man feeling emotional pressure in open space.

Annoyed woman tired at work. Upset marketer thinking about business down statistic. Sad businesswoman with bad mood taking phone in hand. Worried business employee working in office

Business failure. Young emotional angry arab boss shouting at his employees, crumpling paper with graphs, zoom in shot

Close up upset businessman finding mistakes in documents. Sad employee looking papers indoor in slow motion. Portrait of disappointed business man comparing results in papers and laptop in home office

Angry businessman cellphone in the city, slow motion shot at 240fps

Diverse employees sitting at table scolded by irritated female boss

Annoyed female head of company is dissatisfied from bad results of work of multicultural women-subordinates during meeting in office,teamwork problems concept

Angry young man screaming opening his mouth, close-up

Sad, overwhelmed businessman with documents and tablet computer by table in the office during night, 4K

Young business man hearing bad news talking on phone in home office at evening. Man shock from business problem. Portrait of upset businessman talking on phone with disappointed face

Angry business woman screaming at colleague during office meeting. Close up upset woman boss shouting business partner in startup office. Nervous female boss discussing marketing strategy

African american business man getting bad news outdoors. Stressed afro male professional feeling upset outside. Upset african businessman reading shocked message at urban street

Side view portrait of angry female boss yelling at incompetent employee in office. Dissatisfied Caucasian woman scolding man indoors at workplace. Business stress concept.

Frustrated business woman working on computer with economic data in home office. Upset woman manager leaning back on chair. Business crisis concept. Female boss thinking business solution

Worried businessman sitting at home at the table, steadycam shot

Shocked businessman reading bad news in the newspaper

Upset angry multi ethnic boss yelling at his young female employee while she looks away - close up

Angry male manager talking with employees

Young woman employee trying to explain herself to her angry multi ethnic male boss or manager

Busy businesswoman answering call on mobile phone. Nervous woman talking phone. Business woman talking phone in home office. Irritated manager working with documents

Upset business man looking at fault in documents outdoors. Disappointed man reading bad news in papers outside. Sad businessman walking with financial report at city street.

Team builder have problem and angry at construction site building

Worried businessman looking on smartphone and reading bad news

A man is working in the office. A man is working in the office and hits himself in face with papers

The serious businessman is interviewing in the office. slow motion

Unhappy businesspeople sitting in the restaurant, steadycam shot

The businessman stands near the windows in his office on the grey sky background

The businesswoman interviews a man at the office table

Evil laughing of a genius


Unhappy business people in group meeting analyzing bad results from paperwork in office, Team of worried and disappointed business people working in meeting room

Worried businessman getting bad news by cellphone in office corridor. Closeup stressed male manager talking smartphone in corridor. Upset man calling mobile phone in business center hallway.