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Elegant lens flare on a dark background. Real fancy optical light leaks visual effect.

Blue and purple bokeh background

City at night with lights. In love couple kissing on the background of the city at night. Silhouette of couple in love. Blurring background.


Abstract Blurred Glowing Illuminated Bright Shiny Traffic Car Lights Backdrop

Abstract colorful rainbow background design Light BLUE blurred shine abstract Shining colored illustration in smart style. Blurred design motion graphic,animation,

Nature green bokeh sunshine abstract blurred background, foliage plant leaves swaying in the wind with sunbeam and sun flare.

Shanghai China Peoples Square


Abstract background with blurry light green hexagonal bokeh, darkening edges

Close-up of woman hands holding bunch of bananas


Colorful Urban Night City Lights Bokeh Background

Light Bokeh Effect Red and Blue Color Mix Abstract Background. Light Bokeh Effect red and blue color mix abstract background.

white glowing lights abstract black background


Abstract lights background in warm colors, some blinking or twinkling. Sunset orange tone.

City traffic at night. Bokeh blurred lights. Slow motion 100 fps. 4k.

Nature green bokeh sunshine abstract blurred background, foliage plant leaves swaying in the wind with sunbeam and sun flare.

blur variegated background

Defocus of street with police car. Concept. Night street with patrolling police car. Street at night out of focus with flashing lights of

Luminous White Bokeh and Light Leaks on Black Background. Bokeh of White Lights Leaks Overlay on Black Background. Motion of Bokeh and Natural Lighting Lamp Rays Bokeh Effect


Abstract blue gradient background waves seamless loop

Elegant lens flares on dark backdrop. Light effects. Ideal overlay for your videos.

Moving abstract lens flares and light leaks on black background in studio. Works as overlay on your footage


Warm gradient background with copyOverlay with abstract texture concept

Blind-spots with a motion background. Random shaped blind-spots.

Traffic jam in a tunnel

Blurry Amusement Park Happy Times Place at Night

Blurred background of highway. Traffic of a night city. Rush hour on the road. Car lights of a night city. Footage of a night city. Evening traffic.

Gradient background. Overlay. Slow video transition. Very high quality and realistic, Lens Flare, Studio Flare, Light Leak, flash lights, natural lighting lamp rays effect. Gradient background. 30 fps

Rainbow prism lens flare Light Leak overlay on black background. Spherical Optical Prism Light abstract background 4K

Mysterious Bokeh of Light Through Natural Foliage on Black Creating a Surreal Atmosphere

The lights of the night city are out of focus. The background of the city's blurred lights of the festive evening.

Snow flurries of a snowstorm fall in front of an out of focus home window

Blurry Amusement Park Happy Times Place at Night

abstract seamless background animation. glowing fluttering line. ambient graphic design, screen saver. future geometric patterns motion background

Blue Bokeh Particles. Background Abstract. Abstract Dust Particles Background. Bokeh Particles Background. Loop

A defocused vehicle instrument cluster dashboard.


Figures of people walking along a narrow Venetian street, at dusk, illuminated by soft-focus street lights. Blurred for background usage

Time lapse quay near sea club life restaurants, cafe, walking through motion blurred crowd

Magic rotation abstract blurred line lights background. Iridescent threads in the rays of light. LED

Colorful, blurred, bokeh lights background in warm tone. Abstract sparkles.

Nighttime Party Lights Abstract Background

Airplanes at terminal sitting on a wet taxiway

Abstract colorful smoke on a black background

Blurry Amusement Park Happy Times Place at Night

Time lapse over blurred busy highway at night in urban city, with cars pulling light trails

Multi layered color changing background


Colorful Urban Night City Lights Bokeh Background


Abstract background with blurry hexagonal bokeh, darkening edges


Light Leaks Round Circle Texture Pattern Particles Background