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"back view engineering"
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Rear wide view video of unrecognizable male scientist in white uniform walking through lad with metal tubes and engineering equipment aside

Rear view of man and woman engineers walking on construction site, talking.

Worker walking in workshop of steel factory. Workman in factory with industrial equipment. Engineer walking at metal factory

Top view male hands laying out blueprints on the white table lit by the sun


Builders look at a cityscape on a sunset background, back view

Business team talking about project with partner

A back view on a serviceman assembling a tall robot.

The man working with 3d manipulator and a computer. night time. view from above


Back view of anonymous male engineer showing photovoltaic panels to colleague while walking on solar power station together

Pan left view of group of engineers in uniform walking and examining generator and utility poles during inspection on power station

Back view of unrecognizable engineers in helmets and waistcoats walking on path during work on modern power station

Business team of managers meeting in office


Front view of Asian male architect looking at architectural model in a modern office 4k

dam throws off the water aerial shooting

Drone tracking famous red Glacier Express train cruising through majestic summer Switzerland Alps, wanderlust concept.

Crop view of men outdoors on field in sunlight installing new solar panel on metal frame


Front view of Asian male architect working on blueprint at desk in a modern office 4k

aerial view on the working Power station. Cooling tower of nuclear power plant. coal-burning power plant

Drone flying above famous Landwasser Viaduct bridge, world heritage destination in summer Graubunden, Switzerland Alps.

Winter view of a building under construction.

Close-up view of legs in foreground of a worker man in blue jeans, cutting rebar with a saw blade at construction site. Right leg is on the metal tubes which are on wooden stud, sparks from process.

Aerial footage of a large scale highway tunnel construction site

Macro close up of quantity surveyors hand reviewing technical drawing. Architect working on blueprint. Construction concept. Engineering tools. Top view.

Aerial view of solar power plant. Solar panels generating electric energy. Drone view of photovoltaic panels. Sun energy industry

Bridge construction drone view. Sky view of crawler crane repair bridge over highway road. Dron view of new bridge construction over suburban road. Aerial view of bridge repair on highway road

Transport on the bridge

Aerial footage of large highway construction project with tunnels and bridges

Top view, drone tracking epic red Glacier Express train cruising along peaceful summer Swiss Alps countryside villages.

Aerial view of a dam on river Adda, Italy

View upwards from underneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, Europe

car rotate. visible engine and gear transmission

Aerial top view of roadworks with road roller doing road repair and paving of streets. Building s New Road with Road Repair. Road Construction and Repairing Works.

Aerial view of car riding on the road in the coniferous forest among the mountains

Mechanic Clock Gears Macro View

Business team of managers standing talk in office

Aerial view of Penchala Link multilevel highways at Damansara District, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Zoom in view of male worker in uniform using tablet to control robotic arms assembling mechanism in factory workshop

Drone flying left around National Library of Belarus, Minsk. Famous landmark and apartment blocks under construction.

Designers Working With Graphics Tablet

An offshore oil platform at sunset light

Aerial view of a dam on river Adda, Italy

Meeting in the office of the chief. Close-up head and two women of a consultant discussing the issues of building, view sketches of the cottages.

aerial view on the working Power station. Cooling tower of nuclear power plant. coal-burning power plant. view from above

Artist rendering, Nuclear reactor interior view, reactor, power.

Drone flying towards Landwasser Viaduct bridge, world famous heritage sight in amazing summer Graubunden, Switzerland.

Communication towers with antennas in mountains.

American Airlines plane at Raleigh NC airport

Space shuttle floats in space. Perfect of computer graphics videos about: space, earth, orbit, ISS, the International Space Station, astronauts, NASA and discovery