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A young Caucasian man looks around with his back toward the camera in an urban area - a busy intersection in the blurry background

Inspiring and wanderlust adventure lifestyle aerial drone shot of nomad traveller man in authentic wool hipster sweater and beanie stand with his back to camera. Romantic and creative vibes

A woman and a tall man are standing near the wall their backs facing the camera.

Close up of bossy business woman frowning at her interlocutor sitting with her back to the camera

Caucasian man back to camera on green background

Rear portrait of young brunette girl, standing with back to camera on bridge, studying architecture of Italian city. Woman spending summer on vacation in Italy, traveling world, exploring Europe.


Side view of confident Caucasian children standing at swimming pool with water gun back to back and looking at camera. Cute boy and girl posing in sunshine on summer resort outdoors. Friendship.

A young handsome man in a winter outfit looks around with his back to the camera - green screen studio

Portrait of Caucasian girl walking to foggy blur. Beautiful female looking back at camera, disappearing in dark field.

Camera follows young happy free man running forward with arms open, looking back at camera at salt desert lake in Utah.

Head and shoulders of business-like man halfway turned with his back to the camera getting dressed for appointment

Front view of presentation attendants raising hands to vote for the idea presented by chairperson sitting with his back to the camera

woman sitting at ocean deck turn back to camera happy

An attractive girl in a red bathing suit sits on the pier with her back to the camera. The oncoming shooting

Woman in black dress stands near window and opens white curtains, back to camera

Handsome tourist man stands back to the camera considering the sights in the centre of Rome in Italy. Slow motion

A couple is listening to a woman who is standing her back to the camera and moving her hands. Slow mo, Steadicam shot

A view from the back of the camera follows Close-up arm a male farmer touches a wheat brush in a field in the sun

Woman Turning Back to the Camera and Walking Away

Portrait of caucasian woman with rope on her back turning to camera at indoor climbing wall

Close-up picture of singer sitting toward a microphone at the stage. Bearded man sitting back to the camera before the show starts.

Young attractive female standing back to the camera and keeping a glass of white wine at the party and watching at the stage where a performance is going on.

Defocused shot of two people standing in front of virtual wall with many moving pictures, people are turned backs to the camera.

Strong toned young woman in a darkened gym standing with her back to the camera and muscles defined by a small light in the distance

Dolly shot of a woman sitting in front of TV set with her back to the camera and changing channels quickly, screen with noise at the end

Slow motion steadicam shot of a couple walking along the street back to the camera. Man rolling travel bag. They are going for travel

Back view of happy female tourist with backpack raising arms wide open at New York skyline view, looking back at camera.

Close up of bossy lady talking to coworker seated with her back to the camera

Cheerful pretty woman in white hat looking back at camera while walking in town.

Young happy woman running on the beach back to camera.

Back view camera zooms in on young woman with backpack, hair blowing in the wind enjoying sunset at Golden Gate Bridge.

Pretty Young Woman Turning her Face Back to the Camera

A young handsome man in a winter outfit cheers with his back to the camera - green screen studio

Young fashion designer standing with back to camera looking at drawings sketches hanging on wall. Woman is thinking about new trendy clothing collection.

Young beautiful woman standing near the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, looks back in camera and smiling in the evening.

Close-up of furious lesbian woman with angry facial expression looking back at partner trying to calm her down and turning back to camera. Portrait of Caucasian young argued couple.

Business team of three having a briefing at the office window, woman standing with her back to the camera

Portrait of senior Caucasian brunette woman with brown eyes standing at home. Pleasant mature lady dressed in white shirt looking back, turning to camera and smiling. Natural beauty, aging process.

Slow motion shot of mature woman and little boy looking out the plane window. They are turned backs to the camera.

Back aerial camera motion up over golden field of wheat with chaotic traces from combine. Using as background.

Casual European businessman standing at Brooklyn Bridge using smart watch bracelet, then turning back from camera 4K.

Steadicam shot of a man and woman having outdoor walk after shopping. They going along the city street and carrying colorful shopping bags back to the camera

Portrait of handsome man with make-up and white slicked back hair looking at camera and blowing smoke in red lighting

A girl with bright red hair walks with her back to the camera, turns around and looks at the camera

woman admiring a beautiful view of the mountains and standing back to the camera

Beautiful Caucasian girl in sunglasses sits alone on city beach, looks back at camera on amazing New York sunset 4K.

Beautiful shot at seaside beach sunset or sunrise of lonely silhouette figure of man in hipster sailor outfit, coat and beanie red hat, walk into horizon, dramatically looks back at camera

Black young woman smiling and looking back at camera while standing and leaning on vintage fence at the ocean.