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Caucasian speaker teaching at international conference, panning shot

Business Conference: Young Professional Shares Experience with Diverse Group

Diverse Students Engaged in Classroom Learning at College

The laughing businessman at the conference


Business people listening to presentation of speaker in wheelchair, smiling and applauding in end of conference

African American businessman speaking in business seminar in auditorium 4k

Close-up of laughing dark-skinned couple eating popcorn while watching funny movie in cinema theater. Cheerful black husband and wife enjoying comedy movie in cinema, laughing together

Young Business Professional Speaking at Seminar in Auditorium 4k

Closeup audience of marketing department employees sitting in conference hall during corporate business training. Group of colleagues attentively listening to own director presenting new work strategy

Many people at the conference listen to the presenter. Rear view of people sitting in the auditorium


Senior businessman sitting in auditorium, holding digital tablet and having discussion with speaker while attending professional conference

Audience Applauds Actors in Theater. People Clapping at Cinema in Slow Motion. Young Audience at Theater.

Caucasian businessman speaking in business seminar on stage in auditorium 4k

Back view of woman giving speech in front of multicultural representatives on international negotiation in boardroom

Business People Seminar Conference Meeting Office Training Concept 4k.

Stylish Man Enjoying Movie in Cinema

Young Business Professional Attending Seminar in Auditorium (4K)


Rear View Of Three Female Friends Watching Band And Dancing At Summer Music Festival

Love couple having fun in movie theater. Happy boyfriend laughing with girlfriend in cinema. Cheerful man and woman watching film together indoor. Happy couple sitting in cinema together.

Happy students in the audience at a university lecture, shot on R3D

Management team racing office chair celebrating work break in company hallway. Multiethnic business colleagues having fun partying in corporation workplace. Corporate group diversity happiness concept

Caucasian speaker teaching at international conference, panning shot


Close up shot of hands of multi-ethnic listeners sitting in auditorium and applauding to speaker during business conference

Caucasian businessman speaking in business seminar on stage in auditorium 4k

Smiling girl watching theater performance and laughing. Spectators have fun. Cinema people watching comedy movie. Close up of woman face watching funny movie at cinema in slow motion

Business People Sitting in Audience Using Mobile Phone and Looking at Conference Stage Talk. Woman and Man Working at Public Discussion and

Close up of the audience at a business conference

Journalist holds up a hand to ask a question or to say their opinion at a press conference. A group of journalists at the press conference

Diverse masked audience keeping social distance while watching comedy movie during coronavirus epidemic. Multi-ethnic viewers in protective masks laughing at movie during covid19 spread


Vertical Video Rear View Of Three Female Friends Dancing At Summer Music Festival

Business people applauding while sitting on seats in auditorium 4k

funny colleagues in open space office laughing. irrl. coworkers colleagues discuss joking. concept friendship, conversation, social. break in business working. togetherness

Laughter and humor. The guy is emotionally laughing

Professional businesswoman delivering keynote speech in auditorium 4k


Business expert standing by projection screen and giving presentation to listeners during corporate seminar


Rear View Of Audience Enjoying Concert At Outdoor Summer Music Festival At Night

Inclusive business meeting at modern office. Young speaker engaging diverse team.

Youth enjoy and laugh on comedy program

Audience enjoys comedy movie in cinema theatre. Audience laughing at cinema watching amusing comedy. People watching comedy film in slow motion.


Vertical Video Rear View Of Three Female Friends Dancing At Summer Music Festival

Man laughing at comedy film. Close up of spectators of cinema have fun in slow motion. Male emotion at movie entertainment

Elegant and Confident Successful Business Woman Public Speaking at Finance Conference on Auditorium. Coach Emotional Gesturing Talks from

Respectful journalist raises hand at press conference

Interested diverse multi ethnic team of employees taking part at corporate business meeting. Group of co-workers intently listening to executive manager presenting new company's strategy

Businesswoman speaking in business seminar at auditorium 4k

Youth enjoy comedy show on cushions


Close up view of hands of Black businessman in formal suit typing on digital tablet while sitting in conference hall and listening to presentation of speaker on corporate seminar

Blurred background - seminar or lectures - a lot of people sitting at business meeting - time-lapse