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Threatening incident in dark underpass: Woman's plea for safety

Close-up of person in hoodie threatening another person with a weapon in dark subway passage at night. Scared individual pleading for safety. Terrified person and intense situation.

Drunk man holding a bottle of wine standing over a crying woman. Violent aggressive husband abusing injuring terrified vulnerable, afraid, beaten and panicked wife living in terror and pressure

High-Speed Shooting with HK SP5K Assault Rifle, Side Perspective of Person Aiming and Firing


Thigh-up shot with blurred effect of anonymous man and woman having emotional argument in kitchen at home, gesticulating, shouting, blaming, reproaching, then pushing and slapping each other

Young Protestors Holding Signs Against Police Brutality: Berlin, Germany (June 6th, 2020)

Rude man twisting woman hands, attacking defenseless victim lying on floor in domnestic kitchen. Aggressive jealous man yelling at scared wife, accusing of infidelity and threatening with beating.

Alcoholic violent man assaulting scared wife. Aggressive man abusing injuring terrified helpless, vulnerable, afraid, beaten and panicked wife living in terror pressure and suffering.

Crowd Chanting The Nra Has Got To Go

Close-up: Man concealing knife, woman in fear. Violence & murder concept.

Criminalists discovering knife at crime scene close-up, taking evidence from accident, murder. Investigating proof for forensic examination. Detective workers, medical examiners.

POV Close-up group of soldiers aiming with gun while moving through forest during military action. Squad of equipped fighters in camouflage

Medium slow motion shot of soldiers taking a rest during an assault and removing their helmets

Medium handheld shot of black male shocked pawnbroker calling 911 immediately after robbery at pawnshop

Terrified woman in white dress, bound in shed, feeling helpless and frightened

Rear view of male pestering female relaxing at bar counter touching her hair, shoulder, trying to hug. Defensive woman applying arm lock technique striking groin and pushing man back


Unhappy physically and mentally abused mature Caucasian woman lying on couch with ice compress on her beaten face, hiding from aggressive husband

War Troops Asian Soldiers Walking Through Jungle Abuse Violence Trama Asia Myanmar Vietnam War Military Fatigues Refugee

The criminal planning an attack and looking for a victim

Violent aggressive man strangle womans throat and yelling at girl, crying female with long red try to protect herself.

Couple grapples with each other - slow motion

A woman facing relationship challenges

Street Robbery: Exploring Crime and Violence

Burning Warehouse. Night conflagration

No More Nra Chant At March For Our Lives 2

Frustrated woman expressing anger towards partner in bedroom

Drunk man holding a bottle of alcohol standing in front of beaten wife. Violent aggressive husband abusing injuring terrified helpless, vulnerable, afraid, panicked woman living in terror and pressure

M1A1 Abrams tank of 4th Tank Battalion Annual Training

Close-up of annoying man pestering lonely female sitting at bar counter touching her hair, shoulder, cuddling. Skillful woman using self defense techniques to push male back and beating him

Closeup shot of injured man being attacked by a perpetrator holding a knife to his head

Young Activists Rally for Improved Gun Legislation

Shooting with Assault Rifle in super slow-motion 800 fps, bullet flying in the air from chamber, detail close-up GUN firing in high-speed, multiple shots

Portrait of domestic bullying, drunk man speaking alone. Abused terrified beaten wife covered in bruises suffering injury from alcoholic violent brutal aggressive husband tolerating him.

Portrait of frightened woman in rustic shed, expressing fear and helplessness during kidnapping.

Assault - Fake dictionary definition of the word with pencil underline

Drunk male pestering defendless woman in bar, grasping hand, pulling. Her boyfriend standing up for female, asking to leave her alone, and neutralizing drunkard applying self defense techniques

Detachment of military men in camouflage discussing plan of attack and using army laptop. Group of professional soldiers based in abandoned building full of smoke planning assault on enemy camp

Sad Older Woman Looking To Camera With Hurt Face

Reconstruction of 1917 Russian Military Operations: Young Soldiers on Battlefield

Closeup of special forces fighters' legs in army boots and camouflage pants during storming of captured by terrorists ruined building. Elite team of military men conducting counter-terrorist operation

Angry man confronts woman with red hair. She stands up for herself.

Thousands Marching For Better Gun Laws

Criminalists working with knife at crime scene, territory closed with signal tape. Evidence from accident, murder. Investigating proof for forensic examination. Detective workers, medical examiners.

A man in balaclava shooting with a gun into camera...

Large Protesting Crowd Take Over Streets Downtown

Upset woman with red hair crying while man yells

Detailed 800fps Slow-Motion of Man Aiming and Firing Assault Rifle, Close-Up High-Speed Powerful Weapon Shooting