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Gorgeous pomegranate fruit grows on a tree in Cyprus

Red apples on apple tree branch - dolly motion

Zoom out slowmo macro still life shot of four smooth ripe green apples with water drops lying next to each other on dark surface in studio

Apple peel. Peeling apple. Hands cut peel apple. Vegan food. Vegetarian food. Process cutting peel of fresh apple. Ingredients to baking apple cake. Healthy food. Peeling apple with knife for peeling

Closeup green and red apple with cinnamon and anise on canvas background


Apple tree on farm at summer, 4k

Female hands picking red apples from tree in sunny orchard. Partial view of seasonal worker harvesting organic fruit in summer. Concept of agriculture

Nourishing snacks for children. Close-up of adorable child enjoying a crisp apple, gazing at the camera

A young person enjoying an apple in the garden

Woman Pick an Apple

Woman picking red apple at the garden


Apple tree on farm at summer, 4k

Caucasian hands cutting an apple in half

of fresh fruit mix composition, with strawberry, apple,blueberry,raspberry,kiwi, orange. Salad of fresh and exotic tropical fruit to eat in the summer.Explosion of colors, freshness,vitamins and taste

Woman Picking Apples


Rotten apple under garden tree is souring. Harvest was missed due to negligence. Importance of being attentive and gathering fruits on time

Woman choosing between apple and cake. Closeup of girl with apple and cake. Lady selecting healthy food in studio.


Hands peeling apple skin on journey closeup. Woman preparing fresh healthy snack resting on mountain trip. Unknown gardener checking harvest

ripe apple on a branch

Close up colored apples on one back red on another yellow

Half- Rotten Apple on a Tree

guava fruit on tree branch. fresh guava fruit on guava green tree sweet and yummy

The red-yellow apple rotates. Delicious fruit

The Apple Tree Branch Blooms Beautifully. The Wind Shakes A Branch. The Flowers On The Fruit Tree Are White And Purple. Close-up.


Colorful Fresh Organic Raw Fruit Snack Food on Wooden Table

Apple orchard. Apple tree branches with green ripe fruits.

Lots of delicious red apples on the supermarket counter

Time-lapse of drying (dehydrating) apple slices in dehydrating machine 1b1 on white background


Colorful Fresh Healthy Fruits Mix Snack Standing on Wooden Table in Living Room

Washing apples on the conveyor

From above shot of ripe red shiny apple on canvas napkin with aromatic cinnamon sticks and anise stars

female relish fruit outdoors

Washing apples on the conveyor


Unrecognizable farmer watering apples with professional sprayer in farmland. Fighting pests in garden. Poison for insects Homegrown locally

Picking apples on farm

Red Apple in the black steaming water. The concept of sin and punishment.

Pouring honey on red apple on white plate with honey isolated on a white background - slider shot. Symbols of Jewish New Year - Rosh Hashanah.

Pink and white flowers and blossoms on a branch of fruit tree, swaying by wind. Spring day in a botanical garden, macro shot

Red apples falling on wooden surface in slow motion. Shot with Phantom Flex 4K camera.

very close detail of fresh yellow kiwi fruit macro colorful dripping pure water

shopping basket with winter apple. fruits scattering from basket. colored apples closeup

Ripe Red Apples on Sunlit Tree

Apple falls into water in slow motion 2

Water Droplet Falling from Green Apple into Water - Super Slow Motion Shot on High-Speed Camera


Person holding apple in hand

Time-lapse of drying (dehydrating) apple slices in dehydrating machine, top view 2b1

Close-up of a Red-green Apple with Water Droplets Macro Shot. The Apple Rotates Around Its Axis on a Close-up of a red-green apple with water droplets macro shot. The apple rotates around its axis on a black background.


Organic Orange Apple Pear Fruits Food Nutrition with Vitamins Background