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"apple tree"
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Tree with red apples in an orchard. Close-Up

A young Woman breaks a ripe red Apple from a Branch in the Garden

Apples with water drops on a branch of an apple tree. Healthy organic fruit. Summer harvest in the garden.

the wind blows the apple tree

Aerial view of the apple orchard

beautiful girl in a dress with a apple at the apple tree

Blooming Apple trees in the garden. Flower background. Springtime. Sunny day. Close-up of white flowers of an Apple tree on a branch

Apples on an apple tree branches against blue sky background. Pink organic apples on tree after rain.

Apple Tree Zoom Out

People gather Apples in a Garden, Autumn Day

The red-yellow apple rotates. Delicious fruit

apple blossoms in a blooming apple tree

Close up apple tree in the village yard. Green apple tree foliage and bright sunshine.

Apples on branch of apple tree at apple orchard. Closeup of apples on apple tree in garden. Fresh apples on branch of apple tree in summer. Apple harvest. Organic food. Apples in green leaves

Beautiful apple tree blooming, gentle little white flowers on twig over blur green background, beauty of spring season

Cute smiling little boy helping with gathering and picks up apples from apple tree outdoor in the summer day

Apple Tree closeup

Blooming apple tree against the blue sky

Fruit tree apple-tree. Blue screen alpha.

AERIAL VIEW: This is an aerial view above numerous green fruit gardens planted in rows divided by paths at vast terrain

Apple-tree flowers. Spring blooming garden. Camera movement. New harvest

Woman doing yoga pose on the background of a blooming apple tree

Close up bee washing on apple tree flowers in fruit garden. Bee sitting on white fruit flowers in blooming orchard.

young apple trees Even without fruit

Senior woman water an Apple tree from a hose, summer day in the garden

Apple orchard. Apple tree branches with green ripe fruits.

Apple orchard. Apple tree branches with green ripe fruits.

Blooming gardens. Apple tree, the sun's rays make their way through the crown. Spring in the garden

Blooming apple tree in front of summer sun

Closeup of cherry tree flower blossom in full bloom in spring on warm sunny day. Concept springtime and nature seasons renewal

apple garden blossom

White flowers of apple tree in early spring in sunlight

Gardeners near apple tree smiling. Happy old couple. From seeds to fruits.

Apple orchard. Rows of apple trees. Apple farm landscape. Fruit orchard. Apple garden. Agriculture landscape. Field with green apple trees at apple orchard. Fruit orchard in summer. Organic food cultivation

Green apples on an apple-tree branch in garden

Senior gardener with scissors working. Old man and apple tree. Pruning tools and their uses.

Apple tree with fruit hanging on blue sky background 4k

Woman doing yoga pose on the background of a blooming apple tree

Little Child Girl eats a Red Apple in a Garden, Autumn Day

Flowering apricot at sunset

Apple orchard. Apple tree branches with green ripe fruits.

close up of apple tree branches indoors Spbd. blooming flowers, blossom of wildflowers. beautiful white plant at home. bouquet of freshness. concept romantic, nobody, softness

Mother is dragging a Cart with a little Daughter and Apples in a Garden

Blossoming tree with falling petals in garden at springtime slowmo. Close-up view of beautiful blooming tree twigs with scenic white flowers at sunny spring day

Espaliered old apple tree at Canon Castle, France

A branch of an apple tree in flowers, when the camera moves, the sun's rays break through. Blooming apple tree with beautiful white flowers

Apple tree in the rain. Organic apple tree on branch in orchard during summer rain. Beautiful natural scene.

Spring apricot blossoms on the sunset.Small flowers in early spring with sunshine. April flowering of cherry blossoms