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Morning Mealtime Struggles

Young woman with loss of appetite picks food on plate after unsuccessful date in light room (closeup, slow motion)

Curly-haired girl enjoying a bowl of pasta for lunch in the city

Baby Toddler Eating Burger For Dinner Young Boy Eating Hamburger For The First Time For Supper 3

Friends having a meal in a tree house

The eater knocks on the table with a fork and knife demanding a serving, closeup. Concept: hunger, appetite, cooking, cooking, diet, diet

Woman enjoying a meal at home

Enjoying Cupcake: Food Calories & Appetite. Close-Up of Young Girl Eating Cake. Portrait of Woman Tasting Sweet Cookies.

Choosing a healthy diet. A man eats a banana instead of a cake

Enjoying a delightful meal and good times


Small Boy Eating Pasta At Home For Dinner Child Plays With Spaghetti Noodles

Sleepy man at breakfast without appetite in the kitchen


The girl is eating lunch in the cafe

Eating disorder. Overweight woman with big appetite eating pizza, sitting at kitchen at home.

A healthy balanced plant-based home-cooked meal. Vegetables, a salad, beans and a toast


Child finishing breakfast leaving Toast On Plate

Overweighted woman eats with great pleasure, woman eats pizza, rolls eyes, slow motion

Young woman serving baked dish for friends at holiday dinner

Man eating Sandwich on Lunch. Enjoying the meal.

Girl puts ground spices in a bowl with chickpeas. Cooking traditional hummus at home. Close-up


Toddler Boy Eating With Fork At Lunch Time Eating Tomato

Woman eats scrambled eggs and sausage with appetite


Parent And Kid At Restaurant Eating Lunch Mother Eats Food

Myanmar, Yangon. 16/11/2013. Mom and baby dinner in a restaurant. Family dinner. Asian dining area.

Picking delicious fresh salad with shiny silver fork on plate at white table during boring dinner extreme close view slow motion

Sleepy man having breakfast in the kitchen in the morning. Lack of appetite. Hangover

Man choosing between burger and shawarma at a modern restaurant

Hungry guy eating sandwich at evening room closeup. Bearded man enjoying vegetarian dinner at night. Excited person taking break trying tasty meal sitting at dark home zoom on. Nutrition concept

Young man enjoying a hearty meal on the sofa

Woman overeat sweet cupcake on kitchen table. Hungry woman eating dessert. Happy girl enjoy cream cupcake at night. Calories food addiction. Night eating

Overview of a happy overweight man walking down the street in a white shirt and hat and eating pizza from a box

Young Boy Eating Lunch Supper 6 Year Old Kid Eating

Woman at restaurant eating soup 4K

Top view of spreading guacamole dip on a piece of wholegrain bread. Vegan version of english breakfast of beans, tofu omelette and soya sausage

Asian couple explores China Town Market, enjoying a romantic date night with local street food. Discover new experiences!

Woman eating pippz pepperoni at the food court

Portrait of father having a morning disagreement with daughter while making breakfast.

Portrait of a greedy fat man eating burger on black background

The boy is eating pizza in modern room

Sausages and chili peppers. Food being cooked on grill.

Stylish man enjoying his meal without cutlery up close. Client eating grilled fish at a cafe. Confident man relaxing in a modern restaurant.

Fish sticks are put onto a pan with sizzling oil - closeup

Happy woman grabbing potato chips from a plastic bag with a look of gleeful anticipation

Satisfied man licks fingers after eating, close up

Adorable child enjoys delicious burger up close.

Portrait of asian woman is eating rice. On the table meat with smile face. Hand held, slow motion.

Picking up grilled chicken wings from tray in cafe

Woman with chopsticks eats sushi. Lady tasting sushi rolls. Better than I expected. Excellent taste of japanese food.