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Asian troubled man wearing a hood in an empty room

Mixed race nightclub visitors networking online on cellphones at bar counter ignoring each other. Antisocial behavior of people obsessed with phones during leisure in city nightclub with disco lights

Irritated Caucasian woman sitting and looking away as her husband or boyfriend yelling on the background. Relationship problems in young family.

Portrait of young Caucasian male burglar looking through window inside house and putting on white face mask. Antisocial robber getting ready to break in. Crime and lifestyle concept.

Close-up of knife in male Caucasian hand with blurred robbery victim at background. Unknown criminal burglar threatening woman with cold steel arms indoors. Burglary or murder concept.

Shopping in times of covid-19 pandemic. Lonely Caucasian woman wearing face mask looking through the window

Blurred burglar in mask counting dollars standing in wealthy house indoors. Satisfied Caucasian robber holding cash money. Burglary and stealing concept.

PARIS, FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 29, 2017: Slow motion shot of homeless man in shabby clothes traveling by subway train. He hiding his face under the hood

Patient Caucasian gray-haired man sitting and looking away as his mother blaming him on the background. Relationship problems in family, quarreling, confrontation, negative emotions.

Sad Caucasian man rubbing temples as his wife or girlfriend yelling on the background. Relationship problems in young family.

Masked suspicious young thief standing in rich house and suddenly looking at camera. Middle shot portrait of Caucasian burglar breaking in wealthy home to steal. Antisocial lifestyle.

Close-up of gun muzzle with blurred masked man at background aiming. Unrecognizable Caucasian burglar thief threatening wealthy house owner with weapon. Stealing and robbing concept.

Panicked Caucasian woman giving money to unrecognizable burglar holding gun. Portrait of scared robbery victim stretching cash to thief and talking. Criminal burglary concept.

Close-up of suspicious young man in balaclava looking inside house through window. Portrait of Caucasian burglar breaking in on winter day. Robbery and law offence concept.

Scared Caucasian woman sitting in wealthy house as masked thief threatening with gun. Portrait of frightened victim indoors with burglar or murderer. Crime and danger concept.

Confident Caucasian woman sitting with gun as blurred thief robbing at background. Portrait of smiling wealthy house owner with weapon looking at camera as burglar stealing money and jewelry.

Diverse young people sitting at bar counter surfing the net on smart phones ignoring each other. Indifferent friends addicted to gadgets spending leisure chatting online on cellphones in nightclub

Annoyed Caucasian gray-haired man listening his mother blaming him on the background. Relationship problems in family, quarreling, confrontation, negative emotions.

Close-up of knife in male hand with blurred robber standing at background. Masked young Caucasian man robbing wealthy house threatening with cold steel arms. Stealing concept.

Blurred masked male criminal aiming gun at camera indoors. Middle shot of armed Caucasian young man robbing wealthy rich house owner. Burglar threatening with weapon.

Close-up of robber opening decorative box with money using weapon. Blurred armed Caucasian masked man stealing cash dollars in wealthy house indoors. Break in and robbery concept.

Unfortunate thief looking inside house through glass door as blurred woman turning and noticing burglar running away. Young Caucasian masked robber leaving wealthy house. Victim attentiveness.

Bottom view of confident burglar in mask shaking book as money falling out. Portrait of Caucasian young robber searching for cash in wealthy house indoors. Burglary and robbery concept.

Wide shot of thief standing behind glass door looking inside house. Portrait of young Caucasian masked bandit going to rob. Robber examining wealthy home on winter day. Crime concept.

Two people browsing on the phones during their sushi lunch avoiding real communication. Technology and relationships.

Side view of young Caucasian family arguing outdoors. Beautiful brunette woman and bearded handsome man talking and gesturing emotionally as standing on winter street. Communication problems.

Two young scared women walking on the narrow mysterious dangerous street and looking around

Two young scared women walking on the narrow mysterious street. A light turns off.

Portrait of nervous Caucasian woman yelling and gesturing emotionally. Young girl arguing with her boyfriend or husband outdoors. Crisis, conflict, communication problems.