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Persian kitten getting a vaccine at the veterinary clinic

Veterinarian young woman prepares injection for kitten vaccine. Animal clinic vaccination

Vet animal clinic woman receptionist at reception talks with client and make notes


Three leeches on patient's neck, close-up. Hirudotheraphy concept. High quality 4k footage

Closeup of sick labrador dog lying on examination table at pet care clinic, breathing hard, while vet doctor's hands in gloves stroking and caressing ill animal. Pet healthcare concept

Medium shot of cat getting vaccinated at veterinary clinic

Female vet checking up on dog

Nice white smooth coated dog sitting on the vet table. Close up of smooth coated Jack Russel Terier looking into the camera. Male vet and his female client looking at the clipboard on background of

Vet examining a little cute kitten at veterinary clinic

Woman hand holding tiny dog paw in the vet clinic. Animal treatment concept. Care for animals in vet clinic

Clinic Staff With Woman Working As Veterinary In Pet Shop

Dog Under Anaesthesia in Veterinary Clinic

Young man veterinarian examine kitten teeth and ears on table in medical gloves and mask

Animal Surgery in Pet Clinic

Cats in a Cage in Veterinary Clinic

Medium shot of female animal doctor sitting at desk in vet clinic, speaking about best dog food, while her male assistant examining cat in funnel cone on background

Closeup of ill Chocolate British Shorthair cat lying on medical table at vet clinic being examined by unrecognizable professional veterinarian in gloves

Young male vet feeding the dog at the veterinarian clinic. Close up of dog taking some dog food from the man's hand. Smooth coated Jack Russel Terier eating from the man's hand

Pretty young vet checks dogs heart

The vet examines the dog at the reception

Cropped shot of a cute Boston Terrier puppy being examined by professional vet while his owner little girl petting him healthcare medicine profession service animals domestic care kids children.

Vet examining a little cute kitten at veterinary clinic

Mature male professional vet writing medical prescriptions after examining adorable Beagle puppy at his clinic animals pets care healthy happy dogs canine profession doctor occupation job.

Female veterinarian treating dog's leg at the veterinarian clinic. Close up of attractive female vet doctor taking care of injured dog. Pretty caucasian woman smiling while bandaging dog's leg

Close-up beautiful adult golden retriever sitting on the sofa at pet care clinic and waiting for vet doctor's appointment. Gorgeous labrador dog visiting animal care clinic for annual checkup

Pretty vet and dog

Beautiful adult male golden retriever dog sitting on examination table at modern pet care clinic with stethoscope around neck. Dolly shot. Animal healthcare concept. Pet health checkup and treatment

Veterinarian Inspecting Scared Dog - Care for Pets

Young male vet checking up the dog at the veterinarian clinic. Brunette male veterinarian look into dog's ear. Attractive caucasian girl pacifying her Jack Russel Terier at the vet clinic

Front view of female vet holding guinea pig in her hands, then putting it on desktop and starting examining its paws and claws

Medium shot of veterinarians examining a cat

Veterinary Visit In Clinic With Vet And Sick Dog

Animal Health And Hygiene For Clean Dog In Pet Shop

Vet doctors brainstorming in meetiing room. Animal cliniic

Syringes with vaccine on the background of a vet holding a dog in a veterinary clinic close up. Veterinarian woman with stethoscope examining dog in veterinary clinic. Animal treatment.

Low angle view of handsome vet doctor with beard smiling, talking to retriever dog, caressing and stroking animal's head. Beautiful golden retriever giving paw to veterinarian at pet care clinic

Experienced veterinarian listens with a stethoscope a dog

Python snake sitting on shelf at pet care clinic, moving around and showing tongue. Exotic reptile close-up shot

Two professional veterinarians inspect a small kitten in a veterinary clinic


Three leeches on patient's neck, close-up. Hirudotheraphy concept. High quality 4k footage

Closeup shot of vet doctor's hands in gloves checking dog's teeth at pet care clinic. Veterinarian performing dental health check of adult male golden retriever on examination table

Girl At Work In Pet Store And Grooming Dog

High-angle medium shot of caring female owner of golden retriever and her 10-year-old son visiting vet clinic for professional consultation with veterinarian

A house cat behind bars of a vet clinic cage.

Veterinarian chacking a teeth of english pointer dog in vet clinic

Portrait of a grey cat at veterinary clinic.

Closeup dog's head being caressed by veterinarian hands in examination gloves at pet care clinic. Beautiful golden retriever at animal hospital during annual checkup, vet stroking cute dog with hands

Gorgeous male golden retriever lying on couch at animal care clinic waiting for checkup. Sweet dog visiting clinic and waiting for veterinarian on sofa to perform annual healthcare check