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Stressed female professional getting angry with slow internet at workplace in slow motion. Nervous business woman typing on laptop in dark office. Annoyed girl having computer problems indoors.

An upset man at his laptop.

Worried Businessman Business Man Working With Laptop Pc In Office

Angry Businessman Business Man Working With Laptop Computer In Office

Shocked woman face looking at tablet computer. Close up of surprised woman emotion. Shocked girl watching internet news online at tablet computer. Shock expression of woman using tablet

Angry man using modern notebook and having problems with it, steadycam shot

Frustrated, unhappy man working at home in his kitchen slams his laptop computer screen shut and walks away

Upset man bangs his head on the laptop keyboard

Worn out young college student tired working at computer 4k

Mad man working on laptop computer in luxury house. Aggressive male professional making evil grin in front of computer. Angry freelancer typing notebook in remote workplace.


Stressed businesswoman annoyed using stuck laptop, angry woman mad about computer problem frustrated with data loss, online mistake, software error or system failure.

Impatient Manager Upset For Computer Problems At Work In Office

Closeup angry man screaming during phone call at night office. Tired business man finishing working overtime at remote workplace. Portrait of upset business man switching off laptop at late night.

Side view wicked man messaging on laptop on couch. Angry guy hitting computer indoors. Aggressive male person working on netbook in hotel room interior.

Irritated businesswoman having problems with laptop, steadycam shot

Anxious young man working on computer, feeling nervous about mistake.

Angry business man throwing document paper on computer table in dark office. Nervous business analyst working overtime with financial reports in late office.

Young Afroamerican Businessman Making Mistake in his Project. Man in Despair. Sitting at the Table in the Office. Typing on Keyboard. Angry and Nervous Man. Failed Start up. Slow Motion.

Angry man beating laptop and throwing it to the water

Portrait of young handsome man breaking pencil with anger sitting in front of his computer in the office. Problems at work, difficulties, emotions. Real people series.

man smashes keyboard with a hammer, old equipment does not work, computer, office, workplace. Problems at work. problems with nerves, aggression, anger. psycho

Frustrated man working on laptop computer at home. Annoyed guy have trouble in online work at christmas holiday. Upset freelance worker closing laptop at xmas home. Tired student at holiday

Angry woman have problem with work online on laptop at home. Sad woman closing laptop computer at kitchen. Stressed woman finished computer work on notebook. Upset freelancer failed work online

Medium shot of overworked Arab business working on computer in office at night, then hitting keyboard in frustration and rubbing his eyes

Upset student studying working at home with laptop looking confused and annoyed.

Slow Motion Destroying Laptop Computer

Angry business woman having phone call in start-up office late at night working overtime at financial project to respect deadline. Nervous manager typing on laptop yelling at employee

Two businessmen have a big troubles and lost lose big deal while working on computer at desk in office. Losers disappointment concept. 4k UHD

Unhappy businessman browsing business graphs and charts in night office. Sad analyst working overtime with financial reports in late office. Bankrupt and bad business statistic

Angry businesswoman working on laptop and hitting it, steadycam shot

Frustrated Indian man at computer screen

Businessman Business Man With Computer Under Stress Pressure In Office

Closeup annoyed african american business man having video call in modern office. Nervous afro male employee discussing project indoors. Angry african american guy looking at laptop in hipster office

A young Asian man in a face mask gets angry as he looks at a desktop computer screen at home

man smashes keyboard with a hammer, old equipment does not work, computer, office Problems at work. problems with nerves, aggression, anger. psycho. Something goes wrong

Employee Shuts Computer and Quits Job Burned Out Concept

A woman looks angry at the computer screen and lowers her head on the keyboard. Home office, teleworking, remote work

Sad black man working laptop at open kitchen. Crazy young guy typing notebook at remote workplace. Angry african freelancer having trouble with computer at living room.

Student having problem with laptop and beating it by using fist

Angry hacker girl after a failed attempt to hack the government. Access denied.

Odessa, Ukraine - November 11, 2018. The man inaccurately poured cola on a macbook laptop. Pouring liquid into a laptop pc. Broke laptop

Angry businessman having problem at work

Business woman swearing during online video call at laptop. Close up of worried woman speaking during online conversation at computer. Portrait of angry woman looking at laptop screen

young handsome man works on desktop computer and computer broken down in office

Serious businessman calling on mobile phone in open space. Stressed male manager talking with business partner on smartphone at workplace. Angry business man working on laptop in office

Full shot of a hacker destroying his keyboard in his anger after a DDoS attack

Annoyed guy busy networking with laptop computer, ignoring his beautiful girlfriend while couple spending weekend at home. Pretty woman feeling upset and neglected by workaholic man working on laptop.

angry freeelancer working with his laptop in cafe