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Civil War reenactment (3 of 3)

Civil War Union Cavalrymen

American Revolution Cavalry

American Revolution Large Camp

Civil War reenactment (1 of 3)

British Redcoats

Gunfire of the battlefield (Archive Footage Version)

Confederates Attack and Fire

Reenactment Molly Pitcher

Enactors shooting guns (2 of 3)

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC, SHOW: BATTLE OF WHITE MOUNTAIN - SEPTEMBER 20, 2014: soldiers fight each other - fighters fire from rifles - military - battleground (army forces) - battlefield

Reenactors Fighting On Horses 2

Colonial Reenactment Camp

Confederate Fires and Retreat

Reenactment Event Festival

Soldiers at camp (1 of 5)

Continental Army Horseback

Cannon and Reenactors

Civil War reenactment (2 of 3)