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Whisky is poured into glass in slow motion

Closeup of male hand holding bottle of alcohol beverage and refilling glass with whisky. Drunk wasted male alcoholic with shaking hands in alcohol abuse pouring whiskey into glass at home in evening.

alcoholism, alcohol addiction and people concept - male alcoholic drinking whiskey from bottle at home

Bartender pouring beer from the bottle into the glass

Whisky is poured into glass in slow motion. Seamless cinemagraph video

ROSA KHUTOR - FEBRUARY 2018: BAR Dozens of bottles of expensive and luxurious alcohol placed on wall shelf in a bar. Backlit wall decorated with vinyl.

Young people are celebrating something in cafe. They are clinking glasses with beer and cocktails, drinking and chatting. Modern celebration in bar concept.

Exhausted drunk middle aged man with glass of whiskey in hand waking up on the sofa, suffering bad headache and hangover in domestic room. Man in alcohol abuse sleeping on the couch at home. Dolly.

Cognac is poured into a glass in Slow Motion shot. Seamless cinemagraph video.

ROME, ITALY - FEBRUARY 13, 2015: Dolly and close-up shot of shelf in the store with row of different wine types. Big assortment of red and white wines

Rosa Khutor, RUSSIA - FEB, 2018: panorama of bar shelves with standing elite spirit drinks. Bottles are standing in ranges and camera is moving

hand pours a bottle of beer

Beer bubbles in the high magnification and close-up.

Group of mature female friends meeting at home talking and drinking wine together - shot in slow motion

Young drunk man sitting in the bar

Close up hands cheers with a glass of champagne happy festive moment friendship wine drink glass festive celebrate alcohol congratulations fun people restaurant clinking party slow motion

Alcoholic Man Suffering Drug Effects of Alcoholism and Depression

Young man choosing wine in the shop, steadycam shot

Slowmo of friends playing beer pong at house party on Halloween

Drinking Vodka in a Pub

Close-up Of Beer Pouring From Tap

Young drunk man sitting in bar during night

Close up view of three girls friends chatting, laughing, cheering up and drinking alcohol cocktails in the club. Having fun, being happy. True friends. Entertaining atmosphere.

Man in a red shirt is drinking whiskey at the bar

Whisky with ice in GLASS

Young man with drug and alcohol intoxication. Troubled teens. Drug addiction. Slow motion.

Slow Motion Pouring Glass of Red Wine 2

Drunk, sad woman drinking beer while sitting in the bar

Handsom man drinks whiskey

close up whiskey pour

Bottles on conveyor belt factory

The company in the restaurant clinks glasses with wine

Barman make a cocktail

Bottle of whiskey with two glasses and cuban cigar placed on rustic wooden table.

A man drinking beer at sunset, close-up

group beer glass rotation with golden color tone on black background.

Lonely beautiful woman after divorce crying and drinking wine to releive emotional stress and pain. Depressed sad female with glass of alcohol beverage in tears sitting in loneliness in dimmed room.

Bar with neon lighting. People spending time together. Cheers


Two happy closed friend having a good together time inside public park, spraying a travel alcohol liquid sanitizer on others hand, health protection on covid-19 pandemic, talking and rubbing hands

Wine glasses clink and cheers in front of a holiday and festive background - slow motion

Drunk man drinking red wine in the bar, steadycam shot

Alcohol flow in a glass with ice. Vodka pouring

Closeup of female trembling hand pouring alcohol beverage into drinking glass and spilling alcohol on the table. Boozer woman refilling glass with whiskey, feeling dizzy after too much alcohol.

Glass of whiskey with ice cubes and cigar placed on top of stone serving plate. Stone marble background.


Tattooed carefree Caucasian beautiful woman opening wine bottle smelling beverage smiling. Portrait of happy relaxed slim millennial person enjoying weekend leisure in kitchen at home. Slow motion.


Close-up blurred unrecognizable women clinking cocktail glasses in night club lights. Happy relaxed Caucasian female friends enjoying weekend meeting on dance floor indoors. Partying concept.


Pouring beer in glasses close-up. Traditional German Cuisine. Smoked sausages with fried potatoes, pickled cucumbers, bratwursts and fresh pretzels on table. Cooked National Czech Food.

alcoholism, alcohol addiction and people concept - male alcoholic pouring red wine to glass at home