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Hand with a ring of a customer taking couple bottles of beer from the row

ROME, ITALY - FEBRUARY 13, 2015: Dolly and close-up shot of shelf in the store with row of different wine types. Big assortment of red and white wines

Industry automation that produces tinplate and aluminum packaging, to contain food and drink. Concept: industry, packaging, automation, technology.

Bottles with various alcoholic drinks and wines in the shop, alcohol addiction of society, counters with wine through the eyes of buyer

Wine bottles with shot glasses in a bunker in modern wine store. Concept of traditional winemaking in the winery. Large storage of wines in vineyard or restaurant

Male wine maker helping his customer while working at his wine store

Young female deciding which wine to buy

Reception Area inside the beachside Hotel del Coronado - California, April 2023

Wine bottle bottoms stacked in wine cellar indoors. Dark glass containers with high-quality alcohol beverage indoors in winery. Wine production concept.

A person selects wine at the store. Challenging decision. Buying alcohol at the supermarket.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - OCTOBER 22, 2015: Illuminated store, advertising banners and LED displays in night street of the city

Paris, France: Evening Atmosphere of Charming Street with Cafes, Bars and People Strolling

Liquor bottles on a counter - closeup


beautiful woman takes a selfie in a liquor store. A blogger girl shows on her blog different types of alcohol on store shelves

Wine barrels stacked in darkness in bodega cave indoors. Brown alcohol beverage containers lying in wine cellar in winery. Booze production and quality concept.

Beer Shelves At Grocery Store Strolling By View 4 K


Young attractive couple trying to choose good bottle of wine A guy and a girl walk through a liquor store and choose a bottle of wine or

MOLDAVANSKOYE, RUSSIA - OCTOBER 15, 2020: Two rows of wooden barrels in winery cellar. Aging process during wine production. Lefkadia winery factory in Krasnodarskiy Kray

Close up womans hands comparing two wines

Candid Elderly African American Man Selecting Beverage From Shelf At Grocery Store One Senior Black Male Shopping For Alcoholic Drink At Supermarket

Wide shot dark wine cellar with wooden barrels stacked in rows. Bodega with high-quality alcohol beverage indoors. Fermentation and viniculture.

Large tanks with beer products at the plant

Tuns with wine in dark wine cellar

Couple choosing wine in grocery store

Liquor bottles on a counter - closeup

Alcoholic Beverages


A beautiful young girl shopper dances to music on headphones in a liquor store. Woman dancing in a wine store

Young female customer choosing bottles of beers in drink department of supermarket.

Liquor store sign for beer wine and cigars 4k

ISRAEL, JULY 24 2017. Workers in a food manufacturing warehouse

close up footage of man's hand with glass of wine

Brenham Texas January 1 2017 Scene Outside Of A Local Liquor Store Downtown Brenham 4 K


Young attractive couple trying to choose good bottle of wine A guy and a girl walk through a liquor store and choose a bottle of wine or

An eye-catching spinning WINE advertisement sign on the sidewalk outside of a liquor store in a large city.

Female getting a beer out of fridge section in grocery

Discount Store Aisle Of Product


Young man shopper dances to music on headphones in a liquor store. Guy in casual clothes dancing and happy in a wine store


Portrait of a girl worker in a liquor store. Young beautiful woman worker in a liquor store checks the shelves with wine and writes on the

Women in wine section in supermarket

Medieval servant puts beer mug on wooden counter closeup. Barkeeper serves alcohol drinks in clay dishware in tavern. Drinking wine in old

One black senior shopping for drinks at supermarket. African American elderly person staring at alcoholic aisle, picking product from shelf

MOLDAVANSKOYE, RUSSIA - OCTOBER 15, 2020: Several rows of wooden wine barrels. Winemaking process of aging. Winery cellar of Lefkadia in Krasnodarskiy Kray


Sparkling wine is aged in bottles

Old and dusty wine bottles in a wine cellar. Production of wine. Dark cellars with collectible red wine. 4K (UHD).

Exploring Wine Options: Woman Reading Bottle Label

Woman Chooses Wine In The Supermarket. Alcohol on sale. selects the item on the shelves in the store. shopping for wine or other alcohol in

Sommelier recommending rose wine to customers in wine shop

A girl in casual clothes chooses wine in a supermarket. Holds a bottle of wine from the bottom shelf in the store. Side view