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"alan shepard"
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Astronaut Planting Waving American Flag

Astronauts On Moon Surface Adjusting Equipment

Astronauts By American Flag

Astronaut Eating in Module

Lunar Module Floating to Moon Surface

Astronaut Working in Space Module

Drinking on Lunar Module

Astronauts Setting Up Lunar Surface Experiments 2

Astronaut Setting Up Camera and Experiments

Astronauts Setting Up Soil Samples on Moon

Lunar Module POV Blasting Off Surface

Astronauts Setting Up Experiments on Lunar Surface

Astronauts Putting On Oxygen Masks

Control Panel in Command Module

Astronaut Flipping Through Papers

Textured Lunar Terrain From Module Window

Skimming Along Moon Surface

Landing On Moon As Seen By Lunar Module

Rotating Lunar Module in Space

Lunar Module Apollo 14 on Moon

Lunar Surface From Command Module Window

Astronaut Working

Floating Around in Command Module

Lunar Module POV of USA Flag

Lunar Module Floating Down in Space

Astronaut Flipping Through Booklet

Lunar Module For Apollo 14

Astronaut Working on Close Up of Control Panel

Lunar Module POV on Moon Surface

Lunar Module In Distance Heading To Surface

Astronaut Exiting Lunar Module

Astronaut With Floating Tape Recorder in Module

Close Up Moon Surface

Lunar Module Spinning Slowly in Space

Astronaut Using Electric Razor in Module

Astronauts Floating in Command Module

Lunar Module Control Panel

Experiments in Lunar Module

Double Exposure Moon Surface