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Focused shot of young student wearing wireless earphones working in college library

Close up of african american hands typing on computer keyboard for business remote work. Black person working from home with gadgets and technology at desk with notebook. Afro entrepreneur

Closeup portrait of software engineer writing code fixing glasses and smiling sitting at desk. Database admin developing algorithms for artificial intelligence to innovate online cloud computing.

The boy uses the tablet while having breakfast at home, sitting at the table

Tracking shot of male African-American network engineer crouching before rack with switches or other computing equipment and typing on laptop

Slow Motion Smashing Computer Monitor

Diverse team working on military operation and strategy

Medium shot of male African American military surveillance officer sitting at desk looking at computer screen with radar, talking on headset and making notes

Thoughtful African American programmer examining information on laptop screen, coming up with idea and typing code while working at desk in office

Slow-motion shot of diverse team of programmers working on computers in modern office. Running code on monitor screen.

Diverse team working on computer with greenscreen at desk, using monitor to examine isolated display and blank copyspace template. Analyzing mockup background on desktop screen.

Portrait of a young male using a laptop for work in a modern office, focused on programming

PC Green Screen For Chroma Key, African Woman Playing Video Game, Cyber Sport And Entertainment

Closeup of african american programer hands typing code on keyboard while looking at computer screens with programming interface. System engineer sitting at desk developing algorithm.


African american casual businessman with documents using tablet on glass table, slow motion

Static, close-up, over-the-shoulder shot of woman looking at computer monitor

Handheld shot of African American colorist doing color grading on computer in modern studio. Multiple big monitors with action movie footage and program interface on the wall. Video post production.

Retro pc with loading code console, programmer making scripts, green basic screen, Old computer studio close-up, Desktop vintage retro wave display, late 90s PC.

Tilt up shot from computer monitor with programming code to young African American IT specialist working at desk in office

Young man enjoying music while working in office at night, sipping coffee to stay awake

Medium shot of male African American military surveillance officer sitting at desk looking at computer screens with tracking programs analyzing and making notes


African Man Browsing Internet Late At Night In Pitch Dark 2

Back view of African American man retouching photo of astronaut on computer while sitting at table in workplace at home

Cracker of a Computer Program

Side footage of serious Black girl typing on laptop on her laps while sitting on sofa at home listening to music in headphones in modern house

Young African American businessman working on laptop in rooftop office

Closeup tilt lowkey slowmo of young African American freelancer typing on laptop while sitting in bed at home

Keyboard And Computer Mouse In Hands Of Professional Black Woman Gamer, Cyber Sport And Esport Hobby

Serious woman work computer at vintage table. Close up focused freelancer typing laptop keyboard watching screen at home. African american involved girl texting email prepare financial report remotely

Chest up footage of African American freelancer in glasses and earphones working remotely on laptop computer while traveling by public subway train

Job at a computer

Closeup of unrecognizable male hands of African American system administrator typing program code on wireless computer keyboard

African American engineer working on laptop and walking in dark server room. Close-up

Focused shot of young man in stylish attire holding tablet in modern office

Portrait of african american programer sitting down working on laptop arranging glasses looking up and smiling at camera. System engineer using portable computer computing big data.


Zoom-in chest up slowmo of young Black male gamer looking at computer monitor and wearing headset, sitting in gaming chair in dark room with neon light, playing and live streaming at night

Successful office worker analyzing computer with greenscreen, looking at chroma key display at job. Working with isolated mockup template and blank copyspace background, pc desktop.

Diligent Doctor Taking Notes on a Sticky Pad

Medium shot of young professional team of software engineers co-working while developing new software in office at night


African american boy sitting on sofa having video call at home, slow motion

African american IT engineer standing beside server rack in data center and using laptop while Caucasian colleague walking to him and helping

Cropped arc shot of African American man working on laptop at desk in evening at home

Over-the-shoulder shot of African American teenager with headset sitting at home in front of gaming computer with empty white screen and playing. Suitable as mockup, chromakey template


A man and a woman in informal clothes work sitting at a desk in the office, using laptops and making notes in a notebook with a serious look

African American man installs security camera. Man sets up angle of CCTV camera at home and rotates it with digital tablet and application. Monitoring system, safety and privacy concept. Zoom in shot.

Young Man Stretching in Bed While Working

Child Sitting Down At Desk Opens Laptop And Turns Computer On Preparing To Do Homework Or Online Class


Chest up of young Black male office employee putting in wireless earbuds while working on laptop at desk