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Sad man swaying on a swing and looking down. The concept of problems and failures

The deserted swing in the park swaying, close-up

Close-up of stressed Gypsy man crying and holding head with hands. Portrait of frustrated desperate young guy on sunny day in ghetto or at urban slum. Poverty and despair concept.

Portrait of lost Caucasian little girl with teddy bear crying outdoors. Sad lonely child standing at the background of grey bushes and hugging toy. Problem, depression, risk, abandonment.

Close-up of unrecognizable little girl squeezing teddy bear in hands. Frightened Caucasian child lost outdoors. Social problems, kidnapping, fear, risk.

Depression and pain. Man swinging on a swing in a lonely park, back view

Brown teddy bear lying on bench with blurred curly-haired girl having fun at the background. Close-up of abandoned toy. Childhood, leisure, growth, lifestyle.

Portrait of upset Middle Eastern girl hugging teddy bear and looking at camera with blurred father at the background. Businessman ignoring sad daughter. Childhood, parenthood, family and business.

Gorgeous woman dancing with red smoke at abandoned place in slowmotion

Gorgeous woman with red smoke flare dancing under abandoned bridge

Desperate lonely young man punching wall with fist and crying. Side view of frustrated stressed mixed-race homeless guy sitting on abandoned ruins outdoors. Depression concept.

Young woman in red dress dancing with red smoke near abandoned bridge

Camera follows footsteps of man walking along abandoned ghetto with syringes and pills lying around. Unrecognizable male refugee living in ruins or slum. Poverty concept.

Sexy woman in golden dress dancing with green smoke under abandoned bridge

Beautiful woman in golden dress dancing with green smoke under abandoned bridge

Desperate crying young man drinking beer on urban ruins. Portrait of frustrated mixed-race addicted guy in ghetto. Social inequality and alcohol addiction concept.

Top view of young homeless man walking up abandoned stairs, kicking water bottle, and leaving. Mixed-race refugee living in ruins.

Portrait of troubled young man sitting on stairs in abandoned building and looking around. Stressed emigrant or refugee living in slum or ruins. Ghetto concept.

Extreme wide shot of lonely little girl sitting on bench in park. Caucasian child with long curly hair get lost in spring or autumn day. Social issues, kidnapping, loneliness, abandonment, fear.

Crying lost little girl rubbing eyes as sitting on bench in spring or autumn park. Portrait of pretty lonely Caucasian kid with teddy bear. Childhood, sadness, social problem, anxiety.

Gorgeous brunette dancing with red smoke at abandoned place

establishing shot of a Boarded up house

Sad man swaying on a swing and looking down. The concept of problems and failures

Athletic woman cardio workout in a gym. Sportswoman is practicing weight loss

establishing shot of a camera pulls back to show a boarded up building

Young Caucasian woman in pointes bound with rope dancing on urban slum. Portrait of slim ballerina performing on wasteland. Art against abandonment.

establishing shot of an old abandoned building

CG imitation of first-person shooter game. Walking through abandoned area, jumping on wooden platform floating above water and striking with gun. Score, health, time indicators are in top of screen

establishing shot of a large boarded up building

Wide shot of mixed-race teenager searching drugs on ruins. Portrait of nervous addicted boy looking around, taking narcotic, and leaving. Adolescence and drug trafficking problem.

Elegant woman in red dress dancing with red smoke near abandoned bridge

Middle Eastern little girl looking at father talking on the phone in the morning. Breakfast of busy man and bored daughter at home. Lifestyle, business and family, abandonment.

Fitness woman stretches sitting with her legs wide apart and hands clasped behind her back in the gym

Beautiful woman in dress dancing under the abandoned bridge

Stylish woman in dress dancing under abandoned bridge

Beautiful woman dancing under abandoned bridge

Back view of aggressive young man drinking beer and shouting at abandoned slum. Mixed-race alcoholic yelling on ruins drinking alcohol from bottle. Aggression and abuse concept.

Back view of frustrated young mixed-race man walking along slum with alcohol bottle. Camera follows depressed male refugee or emigrant strolling outdoors in sunlight. Ghetto and social issues.

Close-up of teenage male hand taking drugs on urban ruins. Unrecognizable addicted teenager searching for narcotics at slum in ghetto. Drug trafficking and addiction.

Addicted mixed-race man drinking beer on slum or urban ruins. Portrait of young alcoholic at abandoned ruined urban building. Alcohol abuse and vagrancy.

Portrait of male Gypsy walking in sunlight in forest. Young homeless man strolling with wooden stick outdoors on sunny summer day. Migration and homelessness concept.

Portrait of young teenage alcoholic sitting on stairs on ruins and drinking beer. Depressed mixed-race refugee in hood living in ghetto. Homelessness and adolescence concept.

Male Gypsy counting money in abandoned building. Portrait of young mixed-race guy with pack of dollars looking around and putting on hood. Beggary and thieving.

Wide shot portrait of addicted frustrated mixed-race boy sitting on ruins and drinking beer. Male nervous teenager sitting at abandoned slum. Alcohol addiction and adolescence concept.

Young mixed-race male refugee standing in sunlight in summer forest and looking around. Portrait of concentrated homeless guy with backpack and wooden stick outdoors.

Beautiful woman wearing red dress dancing at sunset under abandoned bridge

Elegant woman dancing at the background of abandoned bridge

Sensual woman in golden dress dancing under abandoned bridge with green smoke