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Close up of a teen cute girl face. Portrait shot. Portrait face of a beautiful 10-12 years old girl with beautiful dark eyes in slow motion

Portrait of a beautiful girl 6 years old

A nine years old boy smile


Close up shot of beautiful African American woman showing and explaining something on laptop screen while doing homework together with 7 years old son

Portrait of an elderly woman 80-90 years old at home. Old odd lady with wrinkled skin face looking at camera. Detailed aged face skin. Great grandmother face expression. Senior granny female.


A little girl of 7 years old coming home from school with a briefcase on his shoulders, rear view.

Five years old boy plays with wooden railroad in a sunny room

Little girl three years old with blond hair relish lunch chewing food and tell something

Slow motion, the camera follows a little girl of 4-5 years old running in a field of grain golden spikelets at sunset happy and free. Happy childhood. hair develops in the sunlight

Panning selective focus shot of young Asian boy of 12 years old standing on urban riverside and drinking water from sport bottle after morning run


A girl of 7 or 8 years old lying on the grass near the house arm in arm with the Easter Bunny beside a basket of colorful Easter eggs

Portrait sick girl 7 years old lying on a bed. Girl measures the temperature. Girl pulls a thermometer and looks at him, then takes cover blanket

Portrait cute baby with blond hair. Cute little girl jumping and clap one's hands. Beautiful child 3-4 years old smiling

Happy relaxed little 6-8 years old girl with hair blowing in the wind stands watching sunset waves on exotic ocean beach

Young Asian boy of twelve years old talking and bumping fists together with mother while walking along urban riverside and drinking water after morning run


An African American teacher teaches a group of children 10-12 years old, studying animals and fruits. School for Children, Teaching Adolescents, Gain Knowledge, Learn the Language.


Girl 7 years hugs and pats brown rabbit on a green lawn.

Portrait of beautiful angered 7- 8 years boy who sits on the floor over white wall background. Boy making angry face and shows a fist at the camera, slow motion

Close up portrait of a young blond boy approximately 8, 9, or 10 years old, smiling outside with shallow depth of field

cute kid drying his hair with hair dryer, Cheerful 6 years old boy try to making his hair like a crazy expression, flying hair

Mother and son playing with digital tablet at home. Young mother with her 5 years old smiling with digital tablet at home.

Close up portrait of a cute little girl of 7-8 years old.

Seven years old boy on the coast alone. Child looking at the sea, scene with sunset in the mountains

Portrait girl 7 years old spinning in a dress on a background of blooming trees. Slow Motion Sony A6300

Child Girl 8 Years Old Blowing Snowflakes Outdoors In Sunset Slow Motion From Sony A 6300

Panning shot of sportive asian boy of 12 years old running along urban riverside sidewalk while having morning workout

Adorable 8 years old Caucasian girl sitting on sofa in living room, cuddling with cute jack russel terrier dog, swinging her feet and smiling while watching TV

Medium shot of happy 8 years old schoolboy high-fiving his father after helping him make bed in morning


2-3 years old Asian baby girl toddler entering the playhouse reacting with energetic movement chasing toward camera, child development support, hyper kid ready to play, child habit positive behavior

Camera follows happy little 5-7 years old girl child in big straw hat walk along sunny tropical forest road on vacation.

Girl 8 Years Old Something Talks At Camera And Sitting On The Sofa And Smiling At Camera

Nine years old boy with a face mask in the bus

Portrait of a small attractive boy with white hair 3 years old smiling at the camera. slow motion

Close up portrait of a cute little girl of 7-8 years old.

Waist up shot of cheerful Asian boy of twelve years old walking along urban riverside, holding smartphone and chatting via video call

Closeup of face of 9 years old kid playing computer games lying in his bed in evening. Child with laptop pc at home.

6 years old birthday cake

Portrait Graduate Girl 7 8 Years In The Mantle And Hat Turns At Camera With Globe And Book On White Background And Laughing Zooming


An elderly white man of 60-70 years old is lying in a hospital bed talking to a black woman doctor. Discussion of treatment with a cardiologist neurologist. Rehabilitation plan after recovery

7 years little girl playing with the small gray kitten at home.

Girl 7-8 years sitting in the grass and blowing soap bubbles in the park. Slow motion from Sony A6300

Four years old boy plays with wooden railroad in a sunny room


Young asian mother and baby girl daughter playing together inside home livingroom, home school kid, single mom raising toddler alone, 2 years old asian child learn how to concentrate and focus skills

Adorable 8 years old girl with long brunette hair petting adorable jack russel terrier dog, looking at him with love and smiling at camera while sitting on sofa in living room at home

Cute happy little girl 6-8 years old walking in the summer in a yellow canola field. Slow motion video

Extreme closeup portrait girl 7-8 years using cell phone and laughing. Zooming

Camera following 7-8 years old girl in blue skirt running through green meadow. Slow motion

Portrait of a beautiful girl 6 years old