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Medium closeup shot of afro-american man getting 8-year-olf daughter ready for school hugging goodbye in morning

Handheld portrait shot of cute 8-year-old girl with backpack standing in her room and looking at camera


Slowmo full shot of happy 8-year-old girl and lovely Irish setter dog playing with ball at cozy girls bedroom

Tracking with slowmo of 8 year old boy in sleepwear running down staircase in morning after waking up


The girl of 8 years at the drawing Studio draws still life.

Child snorkeling. Cute 7-8 old year boy swim underwater. Beach and sea summer vacation with children

Handheld tracking of 8-year-old girl putting backpack on and leaving her room to go to school in morning

Slowmo portrait shot of happy 8-year-old girl with toothy smile wearing warm winter clothes and throwing snow at camera in forest


Slowmo chest up portrait of pretty 8-year-old Caucasian girl posing for camera with cute Irish setter dog at cozy bedroom

Handheld close up shot of cute 8-year-old girls in lab coats giggling before camera

Sequence of shots of single father frying eggs for his 8 year old son in kitchen, then making toasts

Happy relaxed little 6-8 years old girl with hair blowing in the wind stands watching sunset waves on exotic ocean beach


Slowmo stab shot of 8-year-old girl petting and stroking her Irish setter dog lying together on floor in cozy bedroom

Portrait of beautiful angered 7- 8 years boy who sits on the floor over white wall background. Boy making angry face and shows a fist at the camera, slow motion

Tracking of 8 year old boy in sleepwear sleeping in bed in morning

Side-view PAN closeup with slowmo of smart 8-year-old afro-american boy sitting at desk in front of laptop in living room doing school homework

Back view of 7-8 year old running boy in beautiful park with tree pines near sea at sunset . Lifestyle. Outdoors

Slow-motion medium PAN shot of modern young adult man teaching his cheerful 8-year-old son to ride bike practicing in backyard on sunny summer day


Waist up slowmo shot of pretty 8-year-old girl sitting at desk in cozy bedroom doing homework, then calling and petting her cute playful dog

Tracking of 8 year old boy in sleepwear running up stairs at home in morning

Girl 7-8 years sitting in the grass and blowing soap bubbles in the park. Slow motion from Sony A6300

Attractive young 8 - 10 year old boy holding two burning sparklers and fireworks in his hands at night celebrating 4th of July Independence day holiday in slow motion

Back view happy little 6-8 year old girl with long hair in hat watching beautiful relaxing scenery at exotic ocean beach

Medium PAN shot of cheerful cute 8-year-old afro boy hugging dad while he working on laptop sitting in armchair. His older sister doing homework in background

Low angle handheld shot of focused 8-year-old girl sitting at desk in her room and drawing in notebook with blue felt-tip pen


Slowmo shot of 8-year-old girl petting and stroking her Irish setter dog sitting together on carpet at cozy bedroom

Portrait Graduate Girl 7 8 Years In The Mantle And Hat Turns At Camera With Globe And Book On White Background And Laughing Zooming

Two happy Caucasian little 5-8 year old kids, brother and sister, cheerfully jumping on bed in a light room, having fun.


Slowmo shot of happy 8-year-old girl dancing with her cute Irish setter dog at cozy bedroom

Medium shot of happy 8 years old schoolboy high-fiving his father after helping him make bed in morning


Waist-up slowmo shot of 8-year-old girl studying online on laptop while her cute Irish setter dog lying on bed next to her in cozy bedroom

Medium portrait of handsome mixed race man holding 8-year-old son smiling to camera standing outside enjoying summertime

8 Year Old Twins Whispering

Sequence of shots of happy 8 year old boy sitting on couch and playing video game with his father, then fist bumping him after wining match

Close up portrait of a cute little girl of 7-8 years old.

Handheld portrait of 8-year-old girl in white coat looking at camera and showing syringe filled with transparent liquid while posing at home

Young Chemist School Girl 7 8 Years Using Microscope And Something Writing In Her Notebook Isolated On White Zooming

Panning medium shot of afro-american man helping his cute 8-year-old son with studies, sitting together at desk in living room


Medium close-up of cute 8-year-old Mixed-race boy enjoying music in wireless headphones sitting next to his father in bus during ride

Camera following 7-8 years old girl in blue skirt running through green meadow. Slow motion

Slowmo tilt down shot of 6-year-old boy in spacesuit and 8-year-old girl in lab coat holding toy models of planets

Beautiful back view shot of little 6-8 years old girl watching big waves on tropical exotic ocean beach in Sri Lanka.

8 Year Old Twins Giggle at Each Other

Slowmo medium shot of 6-year-old and 8-year-old girls kicking soccer ball in cozy living room while playing at home

Full track shot of cute 8-year-old mixed race boy riding bike in backyard on sunny summer day while playful jack russell terrier dog looking at him curiously


Medium portrait of cheerful 8-year-old Mixed-race boy in casual clothes and headphones smiling to camera standing in empty passenger bus

Slowmo medium shot of 8-year-old girl with curly hair putting blindfold on cute little girl while playing tag at home

Young beautiful 8-10 year old Caucasian teenage girl studies alone at home using headphones and tablet on self isolation