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5-6 year old boy hoping during mountain trail in slow motion

Cinematic shot of little 3-6 year old cute sad Caucasian boy looking out of foggy car window during dark evening ride.

Close-up of little happy funny 2 year old girl holds in hands dandelion, smiles and laughs in summer park on green lawn.

Little 3 year old girl trying to climb a rope wooden swing

1 year old baby boy very happy smiling.

Front-view track with slowmo of 12-year-old boy riding bike on forest trail in summer, wearing protective helmet

White 2 year old girl roasting marshmallow on a wooden stick mesmerised by the fire. Evening activities at the beach

Little 2-3 year old boy having a tantrum while mom tries to comb boy's hair

Tracking portrait shot of cute 5-year-old girl with backpack posing for camera in park on sunny autumn day

Handheld slowmo of group of children putting blindfold on 6-year-old boy before playing tag at home


Slowmo shot of two cute 5 and 8-year-old African-American girls sitting on bed at cozy apartment playing games on smartphone and chatting

Close-up shot of Caucasian 1-year-old baby boy, dressed in blue denim shirt and jeans, crawling on all fours on shaggy beige carpet

A father wearing glasses and a 2 year old child spending time together outside in nature in slow motion. The child is running with excitement with his new object as the camera follows him.

Slow motion shot of a cute and beautiful 2 year old toddler caucasian boy in nature exploring his surroundings while looking around smiling and bending over to pick up something from the grass with his hands.


Slowmo shot of 9-year-old girl lying down on scanner table before doing examination in care of two radiologists operating machine equipment at modern clinic

little 2 year old toddler boy playing with pyramid

Atmospheric shot of little 4-6 year old thoughful Caucasian boy looking out of foggy car window in dusk dark evening.

Close up portrait of an adorable young 4 or 5 year old boy smiling outside during the day - room for text

Portrait of little adorable girl on playground. Cute smiling 6 year old girl goes over obstacles on showground cheerful.

Tracking with slowmo of 8 year old boy in sleepwear running down staircase in morning after waking up


Handheld tracking portrait of happy 11-year-old and 12-year-old girls in glasses posing for camera in middle school classroom

Little boy 1 year old sitting at a table with pencils.

Portrait of a beautiful girl 6 years old

Rear view of a 8-9 year old boy who rides a black sports bike in a mountainous area in the summer at sunset. The boy is dressed in a blue T-shirt and black shorts. Bicycle ride at dawn, slow motion

Dollying full shot of three mixed race 1-year-old baby triplets sitting together in high chairs in kitchen at home, eating peeled bananas and looking towards camera

Medium shot of three 1-year-old bare-chested baby triplets sitting together in high chairs in kitchen at home and eating peeled bananas

A crying one year old baby boy.


Slowmo full shot of happy 8-year-old girl and lovely Irish setter dog playing with ball at cozy girls bedroom

8 Year Old Twins Staring at Camera

Little toddler boy tried to walk,The one year old cute fair-head boy is making his first steps in green garden


Medium shot of happy African-American man and his 2-year-old son building sand castles on beach enjoying summertime

Adorable 2 - 3 year old girl in spring dress holding an easter basket filled with easter eggs in slow motion

HD version - Active one year old baby girl standing in the crib and clapping hands, view against the sunlight

Caucasian 2 year old baby girl playing with koi fishes in the pond laying on her belly


Slowmo shot of happy 8-year-old girl hugging and kissing cute Irish setter dog sitting together on bed in cozy bedroom

8 Year Old Twins Whispering


Handheld portrait of cheerful 13-year-old schoolboy with backpack standing before school building and smiling for camera

Boy on the outdoor is playing and rejoices with autumn leaves. A 2-3 year old boy is sitting in a Park in the sunlight. Child tossing colorful autumn foliage up in air in park.

little 2 year old toddler boy playing with pyramid

A seven year old boy in a striped blue T-shirt is standing in front of the fridge. He is counting and moving colorful magnetic figures on its surface, playing some game. There is a window behind him


From-above medium close-up of smiling 8-year-old girl scrolling on smartphone while lying on carpet in bedroom together with her cute Irish setter dog


Slowmo shot of African-American man patting his cute 2-year-old son on head sitting together on sandy beach in sunlight

Tracking close-up shot of legs of two unrecognizable barefoot 1-year-old toddlers making wobbly first steps on soft beige carpet at home

One year old baby standing up on his own

Close-up portrait of cute toddler girl confidently holding spoon and eating puree outdoor. Funny one year old baby licking her dirty lips while learning to eat by herself during summer walk


Slowmo shot of Caucasian 8 year old girl playing with cute Irish setter dog lying together on floor in cozy bedroom


Slowmo stab shot of pretty 8-year-old girl playing and taking photos of her cute Irish setter dog on smartphone sitting on floor next to bed in cozy bedroom


Tracking portrait shot of young 20-year-old twin sisters standing outdoors and looking at camera