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"18 year old"
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Portrait of a cute young 11 - 12 year old boy with curly hair smiling and looking at the camera

Portrait shot with PAN of 20-year-old girl in tank top standing by lake and posing for camera in summer

Portrait shot with PAN of 22-year-old guy standing with his arms crossed on shore by lake and looking at camera

Medium arc portrait shot of 12-year-old Caucasian boy standing in indoor climbing gym with artificial wall, clapping hands dusted with loose chalk, white powder flying around, and looking at camera

Slow-motion waist-up portrait of 12-year-old caucasian boy in orange hoodie standing in woods putting on cotton face mask and looking at camera

Waist-up portrait of 12-year-old caucasian boy standing in forest, taking off his cotton face mask and looking at camera

Portrait shot of cheerful 15-year-old boy in hat and puffy vest smiling for camera inside dairy farm with cows in feedlots

Front-view track with slowmo of 12-year-old boy riding bike on forest trail in summer, wearing protective helmet

A young eighteen year old boy, with dark eyes, brown hair and crew hairstyle, dressed in a red and black checkered shirt, looks directly, smiles sincerely, and tilts his head in a studio.

Portrait of a beautiful young happy confident 11 - 12 year old girl smiling and looking at the camera

PAN shot of middle-aged man with grey hair and beard holding spade and leaning on feedlot fence while talking to his 15-year-old son at dairy farm

Close up PAN of 15-year-old teenage boy in hat looking at camera at dairy farm

Cinematic shot of little 3-6 year old cute sad Caucasian boy looking out of foggy car window during dark evening ride.

Over-the shoulder footage of 12-year-old girl having online music lesson via laptop learning to play keyboard repeating after teacher while woman and little girl playing on sofa in blurred background

Eighteenth year birthday party: close-up image of the balloon with the number 18 made with two silver balloons covered with glitter. The ball rotates slightly. Blurry background.

Hands of 93-year old man after two cerebral strokes

Lifestyle portrait of young happy beautiful 30 year old millennial Caucasian business coach woman giving a speech.

Medium shot of 12-year-old girl sitting on chair at home having online music lesson on laptop practicing playing ukulele

Tracking with slowmo of 8 year old boy in sleepwear running down staircase in morning after waking up

Waist-up POV shot of handsome mixed race man holding pretty 10-year-old daughter taking selfie or filming themselves on camera standing in summer backyard smiling

Tracking of 8 year old boy in sleepwear running up stairs at home in morning

Portrait of a 10 - 11 year old happy caucasian girl smiling and looking at camera

Portrait of an elderly woman 80-90 years old at home. Old odd lady with wrinkled skin face looking at camera. Detailed aged face skin. Great grandmother face expression. Senior granny female.

Close up of the one year old babyboy is watching the surroundings.

Elderly man on a bench. Old male with serious face. First year of retirement. Good rest in peaceful atmosphere.

Old couple is dancing. Smiling senior lady. Years go but love remains. You're all that I have.

Medium shot of happy caucasian family of three spending summer day in forest. 12-year-old boy riding bike and his parents watching

Close-up portrait of happy young serious gen-z 20-25 year old Caucasian freelancer businessman talking at modern office.

8 Year Old Twins Staring at Camera

HD version - Back view of one year old baby girl walking at home leaning on the sofa. Home video imitation

Waist-up POV shot of handsome young adult man holding camera and taking selfie or filming himself spending summer day with wife and 10-year-old daughter and their dog chilling on lawn in backyard

Beautiful Cake for one year old celebration. Birthday party decoration.

Beautiful Cake for one year old celebration. Birthday party decoration.

A 90 year old woman listening and talking on a land line, cordless, phone at her home while rubbing her eye in 4k dolly shot

Portrait of happy 30-35 year old beautiful brunette Caucasian woman talking, looking at camera. Video call concept.

8 Year Old Twins Whispering then Look at Camera 2

Tracking of 8 year old boy in sleepwear sleeping in bed in morning

Back view of 7-8 year old running boy in beautiful park with tree pines near sea at sunset . Lifestyle. Outdoors

Tracking shot of 4-year-old Caucasian boy, dressed in warm jacket, boots and hat, playing tag outdoors at urban playground with his friend and parents, running around and laughing

Tracking shot of adorable 5-year-old boys and girl wearing helmets and backpacks riding balance bicycles along asphalt path in park on sunny autumn day

One year old baby standing up on his own

8 Year Old Twins Smiling

8 Year Old Twins Whispering 2

Close-up shot of one year old baby is curious about the washing machine and its buttons. Child exploring the world around her. Home video imitation

Attractive young 8 - 10 year old boy holding two burning sparklers and fireworks in his hands at night celebrating 4th of July Independence day holiday in slow motion

Tracking shot of barefoot 1-year-old Asian toddler in bodysuit walking towards camera at home, with triplet siblings and unrecognizable woman following behind

Handheld tracking of 8-year-old girl putting backpack on and leaving her room to go to school in morning

Sequence of shots of happy 8 year old boy sitting on couch and playing video game with his father, then fist bumping him after wining match