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Slow Mo Waterfall Rapids Splashing Over Rocks

Time-lapse taxi ride through the Tokyo at night

Modern Tram, Padova, Italy

Light Leaks Element 241

Driving on a winter road in Lofoten, Norway

Rear view of African American man standing on the beach 4k

Wide angle of flowers with mountains and lake in the background at Yosemite National Park

Includes two shots. An Anhinga dries its feathers in the wind in the Everglades, Florida

THAILAND, PATTAYA, MARCH 31, 2014: Road traffic on the Beach Road in Pattaya, Thailand

An anhinga dries it feathers while perched on a branch over the water in the Everglades, Florida

Two active women exercising in the gym. 1080p Slow Motion

Tall Grass Meadow

Hierapolis ancient city. Turkey

Runnnig train from another train

White bulldog lying on the ground

Panning with a recreational boat in the ocean, then it exits off frame

industrial production line

Side view of Caucasian couple walking with bicycle on the beach 4k

Happy couple walking with their bicycles in the forest

Young woman resting after exercising in the city

Three girls eating apples in the park - habdheld shot

Financial district, Moscow city

POV, Driving Plate - car driving on a countryside main road in The Netherlands on a sunny spring or summer day.

Sunset at Sea. Waves and foam on rocky beach Indian Ocean.

Rear view of Caucasian Businessman running with briefcase in the sea at beach 4k

Driving on a winter road in Lofoten, Norway

Breaking Glass. 3th

POV, Driving Plate - car driving on a countryside road with trees on the side in the Netherlands on a sunny spring or summer day.

Group of Mixed race senior friends interacting with each other at nursing home 4k

Young woman drinking water in the city

Mid section of African American couple embracing each other on the beach 4k

Low section of female athlete practicing hammer throw at sports venue 4k

Close-up of Caucasian woman standing on the beach 4k

Low angle view of active African American senior woman performing yoga in the garden of nursing home

Close-up of sports hurdle on running track 4k

Baltimore Inner Harbor from twilight to dark

Young woman wearing earphones in the city 4k

Goat in a cage eating grass

Empty wheelchair at beach on a sunny day 4k

Ultra wide-angle POV shot from a window seat of an airplane on approach to Eindhoven airport, The Netherlands.

Clouds pass over the Merraflestinden mountaintop on the Lofoten islands, Norway.

Milk pouring over a chocolate bar. Slow motion shot.

Streets and houses in the fishing town of Ballstad, Lofoten islands, Norway.

A view through the windows of an airplane in flight with blue sky and white clouds in the distance.

Maldives Islands aerial view.

People exchanging money

Rear view of two male surfers running together with surfboard on the beach 4k

Low section of man walking barefoot at beach on a sunny day 4k