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"10 year old"
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Portrait of an attractive 70 year old caucasian woman smiling and laughing in her home during the day looking at the camera

Portrait of a cute young 11 - 12 year old boy with curly hair smiling and looking at the camera

Digital Animation of a Jubilee

Digital 3D Jubilee Animation

Tracking with slowmo of 8 year old boy in sleepwear running down staircase in morning after waking up

5-6 year old boy hoping during mountain trail in slow motion

Medium shot of afro-american woman getting 10-year-olf daughter ready for school hugging goodbye in morning

Portrait of a 10 - 11 year old happy caucasian girl smiling and looking at camera

Adorable 10 year old girl smiling and looking at the camera - copy space

Medium arc portrait shot of 12-year-old Caucasian boy standing in indoor climbing gym with artificial wall, clapping hands dusted with loose chalk, white powder flying around, and looking at camera

Handheld portrait shot of cute 8-year-old girl with backpack standing in her room and looking at camera

Handheld low-angle shot of modern young adult man playing football with cute 8-year-old son on sunny summer day in backyard having fun together

A seven year old boy in a striped blue T-shirt is standing in front of the fridge. He is counting and moving colorful magnetic figures on its surface, playing some game. There is a window behind him

Medium PAN portrait with slowmo of cheerful 10-year-old afro-american girl hugging father smiling to camera standing in cozy living room together

Front-view track with slowmo of 12-year-old boy riding bike on forest trail in summer, wearing protective helmet

Portrait of an elderly woman 80-90 years old at home. Old odd lady with wrinkled skin face looking at camera. Detailed aged face skin. Great grandmother face expression. Senior granny female.

Tracking of cheerful bald man and his 8 year old son making bed in morning

8 Year Old Twins Staring at Camera

Rear view of a 8-9 year old boy who rides a black sports bike in a mountainous area in the summer at sunset. The boy is dressed in a blue T-shirt and black shorts. Bicycle ride at dawn, slow motion

8 Year Old Twins Whispering

Waist-up shot of cheerful 10-year-old girl selling fresh homemade lemonade to woman standing outdoors at diy stand on hot summer day


Full shot of beautiful and talented 9-year-old ballerina in tutu and pointes dancing graciously in smoke-filled choreography class

Scary creepy young 10 year old boy waiving a sparkler back and forth at night while looking at the camera

Handheld tracking of 8-year-old girl putting backpack on and leaving her room to go to school in morning

8 Year Old Twins Smiling

8 Year Old Twins Giggle at Each Other

Waist-up POV shot of handsome mixed race man holding pretty 10-year-old daughter taking selfie or filming themselves on camera standing in summer backyard smiling

Sequence of shots of happy 8 year old boy sitting on couch and playing video game with his father, then fist bumping him after wining match

Epic Energetic Top 10 Countdown Numbers List with Flashing Electric Beams in the Motion Background Blue

Low angle handheld shot of focused 8-year-old girl sitting at desk in her room and drawing in notebook with blue felt-tip pen

Medium shot of happy senior woman teaching 10-year-old granddaughter to water flowers with watering can standing together in garden on hot summer day

Attractive young 8 - 10 year old boy holding two burning sparklers and fireworks in his hands at night celebrating 4th of July Independence day holiday in slow motion

Slow-motion medium shot of pretty 10-year-old girl walking along green summer yard with her parents and grandparents chatting and laughing together

Medium shot of two pretty 10-year-old girls getting ready for outdoor summer market standing at diy lemonade stand, one stirring lemonade in glass decanter and other bringing box of lemons

Medium shot of three 1-year-old bare-chested baby triplets sitting together in high chairs in kitchen at home and eating peeled bananas

Portrait of a beautiful young happy confident 11 - 12 year old girl smiling and looking at the camera

High-angle medium shot of caring female owner of golden retriever and her 10-year-old son visiting vet clinic for professional consultation with veterinarian

Portrait of a little cute 7 year old girl in a white tshirt, posing, smiling and looking into the camera on a beige background.

Side-view PAN closeup with slowmo of smart 8-year-old afro-american boy sitting at desk in front of laptop in living room doing school homework

Little boy 1 year old sitting at a table with pencils.

From-above medium shot of unrecognizable customer giving some money to pretty 10-year-old girl selling fresh homemade lemonade outdoors in summer

A 10 year-old child is blowing out the candles

Six-seven year old boy with adult glasses read the book. Caucasian boy sits on the floor read the textbook has drinks drink with red cup. The little boy in glasses read the interesting book, in white

Tilting-up medium shot of cheerful cute 10-year-old afro girl finishing homework and hugging mother while she reading book sitting in armchair. Happy afro family at home together

Epic Energetic Top 10 Countdown Numbers List with Flashing Electric Beams in the Motion Background Orange Yellow Golden Brown

Medium shot of afro-american woman teaching 10-year-old daughter to clean desk with detergent doing housework together

Beautiful Cake for one year old celebration. Birthday party decoration.

Beautiful Cake for one year old celebration. Birthday party decoration.