5765 Clips

Orlowski Designs LLC is a video production and stock media company specializing in topical, travel and aerial footage. Based in Western Pennsylvania. FAA Part 107 certified sUAS (drone) pilot.

SB0170 A dynamic animation zooming to Canada.

Boxes and packages move along a conveyor belt in a shipment factory. A few blank boxes for your custom graphics.

Closeup view of a Times Square stock market ticker reminding pedestrians to keep 6 feet apart from each other. Social distancing was a common practice to slow down the spread of COVID-19 during the pandemic of 2020.

Earth Region 1250 - Ireland / England

Highlighting Brazil. Earth animation.

SAN FRANCISCO - Circa October, 2014 - Two people fill out forms to get a free HIV test outside on Castro Street in San Francisco.

DUI Sobriety Checkpoint at Night

DUI Sobriety Checkpoint at Night

A "We're Hiring!" sandwich board sign outside of a business on a city sidewalk. Sign shows $15 per hour wage. Sign customizable upon request.

Welcome to Las Vegas

Earth Highlight 1263 - Afghanistan

The Truth Roadsign Background God Heaven

A man waits for a download on his handheld tablet.

Buffering Laptop 3816

Lights turn off then on inside an empty university classroom.

Alligator on the Shore of a Swamp 4040

Healthy Heart EKG Background

Tax time ahead roadsign background plate

Side view of passing a large semitruck on a highway.

Simulated GPS waypoints appear over an aerial view of Manhattan.

Great Egret Gracefully Flies Above Water

Downloading on a Tablet PC 3579

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Circa August, 2017 - A daytime summer establishing shot of the US Treasury Department on Pennsylvania Avenue in DC. The Washington Monument is in the background.

Niagara Falls in slow-motion. Shot at 96fps.

Woman Visits Grave in Cemetery 2660

Two Internet buffering animations. Loopable. With alpha channel.

A man in a grocery store shops in the frozen foods section.

A gas burner ignites.

American Flag 977

Going Out of Business Sign on Glass Door

4K Writing Complicated MAth Formula

Rainy Day Roof Detail Background Closeup

WOOSTER, OHIO - Circa August, 2015 - An establishing shot of the town of Wooster, Ohio.

A group of marathon runners race towards the camera at a starting line.

Green Screen Countdown Timer 3592

Oscillating Fan Background

4K Earth Zoom to Arctic Circle

A slow motion shot of a United States immigration citizenship application being denied. Fictitious information on form. Shot at 60fps.

Cruise Ship Ocean View Wide Angle Lens

A group of generic Facebook-style love emotion icons travel across the bottom of the screen. With alpha channel. Alpha channel may only be available in original 4K version.

A dolly establishing shot of middle to low income row houses on Pittsburgh's Hill District.

A garage door closes automatically.

A group of security cameras on the side of a red brick city building.

A recycling background plate.

Wrong Way Sign Background

Replacing an air filter in a household furnace unit.

Aurora Borealis Animation Background

Walking Thru the Forest Steadicam