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"The Nucleus of Design" AKA Coresample has been creating stunning graphics, animations and visual effects for on screen media and print concepts since 1998. With a degree in computer animation from the historic Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Coresample has worked within the graphics industry professionally since 2001. Coresample continues to work with high-end customers from E! Television, Luxury International Realtors and for online clients. Dream. Develop. Design.

Abstract Opener Promo

Quick Fashion Opener

Urban Street Opener

Conference Event

Dark Cinematic Title Intro

Action Intro Slideshow

Glitch Slideshow Demo

Square Pusher Slideshow

Fashion Slideshow

Parallax Slideshow

Edge Slider Showcase

Slideshow Moments

Vintage Postcard Slideshow

Lens Distortion Slideshow

Quick Intro Promo

Sliced Slide Show

Digitizer Slideshow

Ink Drops Wedding Slideshow

Elegant Showcase

Modern Slideshow

Glass Slideshow

Polaroid Slideshow

Parallel Worlds

Vintage Projector Slideshow

Holographic Memory Slideshow