Out of this World

To infinity and way, way beyond.

What's beyond the stars? Our curated collection of stock footage shows off what's beyond our home planet, including shots of stars, spaceships, and more.

Realistic Planet Earth Reveal

Entering Hyperspace 2

Galaxy rotating with cluster of stars, as animated deep space background

Particles dust abstract light motion titles cinematic background 14

Particles dust abstract light bokeh motion titles cinematic background loop

Particles dust abstract light bokeh motion titles cinematic background loop

Amazing nebula and space footage of a planet passing the frame and gets out of it. Cosmos and exploration

3D Animation of a space probe with an energy wheel, exiting a meteor field, above a planet, for fantasy or science fiction motion backgrounds.

Futuristic deep space travel sequence with closeup on a detailed spacelab, alien spaceship or military spacecraft for fantasy games or science fiction backgrounds of interstellar deep space travel.

International Space Station in outer space over the planet Earth

3D model of futuristic space ship in interstellar deep space travel

Telescopic view of the Moon gently gliding through the night

Full Moon Time Lapse With Tree

Total Solar Eclipse Time Lapse

Cold smoky background slowly moving and spreading. Cloud of dense smoke floating in space. Abstract shot of fog.

Asteroid field spinning around a blue star glow with a dying red planet, for animated space backgrounds

Universe with stars and cosmic gases in motion for interstellar travel backgrounds.

Sky Stars Starry Night Milky Way Time Lapse 01

Planet Earth from Orbit C

UFO crashed in the forest

Martian Landscape Three

Opportunity Mars exploring the surface of red planet