Nature Documentary

Use what your Mother (Earth) gave you

From epic landscapes to mighty wild animals, complement your video projects with documentary-worthy footage of the natural world.

Aerial Dolly Shot Of Beautiful Winter Waterfall On Mountain

Aerial View Drone Flight over fantastic autumn mountain landscape. Green meadows, orange hills, pine tree forests against sunset cloudy sky. Carpathians, Ukraine, Europe. Colorful toning filter. 4K

Drone footage of amazing dramatic sunset in pink and purple color scheme, soft white clouds and blissful sun setting behind beautiful rock formations, cliffs hanging over ocean

gorgeous waterfall at jiuzhaigou valley national park at china

Dramatic and epic aerial shot of coastal line of northern rocky beach, surfing banks waves overtaking sand and crashing on cliffs, beautiful turquoise water swirls and foams next to shore

Aerial Wild Ocean Waves Crash On Rocky Coast Rotating

blue water lake in jiuzhaigou valley national park in china dolly shot

Aerial. Drone follows car on mountain road turns. Birds eye view on a narrow sunny forest driveway. Driving pleasure. 4K

AERIAL: Vast mountain wall in European Alps

Aerial View: Beautiful canyon village located along the river. Dramatic autumn mountain landscape with green meadows, orange pine tree forests, sunset cloudy sky. Carpathians, Ukraine, Europe. 4K

Aerial shot cars on mountain highway with fall colors

Aerial Drone Flight Footage: Beautiful Sky and Water in sunset soft light. Magestic landscape. Kiev Sea, Ukraine, Europe. 4K resolution

Full moon rising from behind trees

Dramatic aerial mountain village view. Colorful cloudy sunset sky motion. Explore beauty world: Armenia. Travel, hiking, holidays, recreation. Nature landscape. Vintage warm toning. Slow motion 4K

Drone flying right over incredible sunset ocean coast. Amazing aerial panorama of sun setting above waves reaching shore

Big green turtle coming underwater. Sea animal swimming into water to bottom. Beautiful water nature.

Aerial Alaska Knik Glacier September 2017 Sunny Day Wide Angle 4K Inspire 2 Prores

Aerial shot of the tops of a pine tree forest and fields

An aerial shot of a amazing road in beautiful desert burr trail canyon

4K Aerial Drone View: Flight over winter mountains in the snowfall. Ski slopes with pine tree forest around. Majestic nature landscape. Holidays in Ski Resort Bukovel, Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine

A Beautiful Tall Iceberg Floats In Arctic Blue Cold Water At Twillingate

Epic amazing shot of camera following adventure hike walk of young traveler tourist exploring mountain top. Young blonde woman with backpack walks up trail on sunset, reaches summit

Sheep lying on the green field. Her two white lambs standing close to mother, playing with her horns.

4K Aerial Drone Footage: Flight above mountain peak in dramatic red sunset light. Hills and cloudy sky in the background. Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine, Europe. Majestic nature landscape. Beauty world

Aerial shot from copter to beautiful powerful Gullfoss waterfall. Scenic landscape of water and cliffs in Iceland.

Antarctic Wildlife. Lonley penguin standing on the rock in snowfall, sunset light. Majestic winter landscape. Exploring beauty world, holidays and recreation. Travel background. Slow motion 4K footage

Aerial view from Drone to Mountain Landscape in Europe. Violet sunset in mountains

Straight down aerial drone shot from bird's view eye on beautiful and epic crystal clear waters of ocean or sea, waves hit rocks of mediterranean, amazing travel destination scenery

Aerial Alaska Knik Lodge Wilderness September 2017 Sunny Day Wide Angle 4K Inspire 2 Prores