Landmark Footage

On-location footage without the cost

Save yourself some time and money by using our footage of some of the world's top landmarks used in creative works. Learn how we determined the most popular landmarks and see the full list here.

Mount Rushmore seen from road

Yellowstone National Park 10

Aerial Australia Sydney April 2018 Sunny Day 30mm 4K Inspire 2 Prores Aerial video of downtown Sydney in Australia on a clear beautiful sunny day.

Sagrada Familia Church By Gaudi In Barcelona Spain

Pink and Yellow Sky Over Pentagon

Tourist Takes Picture of Statue of Liberty 3651

Urban view of Rome, Italian capital city with old buildings, monuments and art: the Colosseum

Looking through hole in Berlin wall memorial

Aerial top view of Brooklyn bridge through the East river and road junction on Manhattan side in New York, America.

Double Decker Buses On Tower Bridge

Happy traveler woman with hair blowing in the wind enjoying New York skyline at Statue of Liberty on a boat slow motion.

Christ the Redeemer statue on cloudy day 4k

16 Berlin Wall German City Germany Landmark In Winter Snow

Taj Mahal Tourist Time Lapse 3

Wide Shot Of Eiffel Tower And Clouds

Cherry Blossom with Washington Monument 8

Tilt Up to Big Ben

Zoom on Empire State Building

Time Lapse at Dawn over the Temple of Angkor Wat watched by many tourists, Siem Reap, Cambodia, South East Asia

Tokyo Tower Against Brilliant Blue Sky

The Burj Khalifa among blue sky with clouds and rays of sun light timelapse, tallest building in the world. Dubai, UAE

Aerial view of Brooklyn bridge through the East river in New York, America. Drone flying under the road on the bridge

Lower Manhattan Skyline and Freedom Tower Golden Hour Sunset Timelapse

Cars Driving Past Buckingham Palace

White House At Night

CN Tower Tilt to Downtown Toronto

Top of the Freedom Tower in New York City with Clouds Night Timelapse

Tilt Up From Water to US Capitol Building

Taj Mahal, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Agra, Uttar Pradesh state, India, Asia

Aerial Zoom Out from Statue of Liberty

The Empire State Building in Red in Manhattan New York City Night Timelapse

Times Square New York City Night Timelapse

Alcatraz Island

Notre Dame Tilt

Tourists At Overlook Monument Valley

Big Ben Day Into Night

Cars Driving Past Buckingham Palace Front Gates

Dried Death Valley Ground

London Eye Timelapse

Moscow Kremlin, Red square and Saint Basil's cathedral 4K evening pan hyperlapse

Zoom Out Hollywood Sign

Streaking Lights Golden Gate Bridge Timelapse

People walking Through Central Park

Circling Statue of Liberty

The world famous Eiffel Tower in natural light, Paris, France, Europe, T/Lapse

Vibrant Central Park Aerial

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Time Lapse

The Burj Khalifa Dubai,the Burj Khalifa was completed in 2010 and is the worlds tallest building, Dubai, UAE, T/Lapse