Keep Stock Weird

Be proud to be strange.

Why so serious? Use these funny stock clips of people dancing, being bizarre and acting weird.

Dance in ultraviolet light. An unreal dance of a man in the ultraviolet light. Strong, muscular man is a stripper.

Strange man with tinfoil helmet on

Mature man with VR goggles and robot smart dog at home, sitting on the floor. Slow motion

Professional barber using burning fire treatment finishing haircut and styling for his client service dangerous modern technique occupation job consumerism unusual barbering barbershop

ginger hair woman in transparent raincoat with pop art bright makeup dancing with strange movements.

Sad Man Slow Motion Wedding Photo Booth Series

Strange guy with a soft toy in his hands

Funny Cute Dog Lying on Back and Resting

Strange young guy in the woods. He asks not to disclose the secret

Silly old man with googly eyes picking his nose at the end

Businessman going to work and dancing in the kitchen. Move the camera to the right

kawaii cartoon food burger and french fries animation hd

young caucasian woman with straight long hair eats raspberry from fingers. Hand with fingers with raspberry. Model have fun.

Professional business people having fun dancing like crazy

Chicken Crossing Road

Battle of two gladiators

Ladies taking selfie at table. Senior women showing thumbs up. Everything is awesome.

Digital Particle 3D Animation of human Brains