Just Dance

Feel the rhythm. Feel the beat.

Move your audience with these clips of ballet dancing, freestyle dancing, and people dancing for fun.

Close up portrait young graceful ballerina dancing elements of classical ballet. Window with sunset on the background.

Feet of a professional dancer in sneakers dancing on a dusty concrete floor in an abandoned house.

Close up beautiful foot of young ballerina in pointe shoes. Ballet practice. Beautiful slim graceful legs of ballet dancer.

Sparks from fireshow, man making fire show with a lot of sparks at dark room

Happy man dancing over white background

Silhouette of young girl dancing at sunset in slow motion

Young woman ballerina with pink hair gracefully dancing

Elderly couple dancing. People looking at each other. We still love waltz. Return to good old times.

Young girl with friends on a roadtrip through countryside, dancing. Slow motion.

group of happy young friends dancing cheerful outdoors at sunset in slow motion

A group of young friends with sparklers dancing outdoors on a roadtrip through countryside at dusk. Slow motion.

Two friends street dancing in front of the large window in abandoned building. Teenagers making dance move simultaneously, practicing in break-dance. Contemporary. Hip hop culture. Rehearsal. Slow

a little funny girl tries to repeat the movements behind the ballerina in the ballet class. slow motion

Medium shot of a young couple dancing while unpacking things in their new home

Funny dance at sunset

friends dancing at a party among other people. lots of people on the dance floor

Little girl dancing in the sunset at the balcony. Silhouette close-up shot.

Crowd At The Party. Dances In The Background Of Lights. Slow-mo

Young couple dancing in the forest on the background of beautiful pines. Interracial dancing couple in love. The guy is spinning with his girlfriend. Lovely caucasian girl dancing with her asian

Happy young family dancing in park, father carrying daughter on his back, graded

Beautiful brunette bride and handsome groom dancing first dance at the wedding party. Confetti in the air. Very tender moment

A loving couple, a man kisses a beautiful young woman and raises her up and dances with her on field at sunset or sunrise