Into the Wild

What's better than the great outdoors?

Your audience will be reaching for some sunscreen when they see these outdoorsy clips of camping, hiking and awesome water sports. Woo!

Drone spins close around young happy tourist couple standing together on top of famous Normandy sunset white coast cliff

Back view of two young women walking through the mountains river. Tourists hiking together in Iceland.

Three children travel with backpacks walking in grass field.

Active man hiking using map and compass in beautiful forest at sunset

Woman is putting a tourist tent in the forest at sunset

Adult man fires up campfire outdoor in the forest

Grilling sausages over a campfire, campers roasting sausages. Tourists are sitting near the flame slow motion

Girl snorkeling in shallow sea water of the Maldives, Asia, Indian Ocean. Woman free diving on vacation for sport, recreation, leisure, holiday fun. People swimming underwater near tropical coral reef

Wake board rider jumping high over water. Dangerous trick over river. Extreme water sports. Action time in summer. Wakeboarder making tricks. Extreme wakeboarding sport. Wake surfing rider on water

Slim girl waterskiing during her vacations. Extreme water sports. Healthy lifestyle concept. Girl riding on wakeboarding. Woman training stunt on wakeboard on water before competition. Water boarding

Jet ski rider stop and think road route. Man driving water bike at summer. Water rider jet skiing in slow motion

silhouette of people kayaking in sunset

Canoe on a River Twin People Adventure Paddle - GoPro video

Aerial view of a group of people rafting on a river

Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 2017 - People enjoying in a rafting tour on the Neretva river...

View from handle bar while driving. Pov of man driving bicycle on asphalted park road. Bicycle riding around city. Cyclist riding bike making signs by hand and having fun. Bicycle race

Footage of a mountain biker cycling downhill, the shot is rotating around him

Young girl sliding on a zip line in an adventure park above water. Youth people enjoying zip line in Carpathian Mountains, Romania - 2015.

Rising High Above Rock Climber Ascending

Woman is drinking tea in an armchair near a tent on the river bank

Hammock relax. Young woman using smart phone in hammock at forest. Outdoor recreation. Girl using mobile phone in hammock. Girl lying in hammock with phone in hands. Relaxation in hammock

Group of cheerful friends relaxing in campsite and frying sausages on burning flame of bonfire gathering around and having fun