Handy Artisans

Some say they're quite handy.

These clips of carpenters, mechanics and cooks in your videos will evoke the feeling of craft, determination and the reward of hard work.

Welding industrial: worker in helmet repair detail in car auto service

Welding industrial: worker repair detail in car service, close up

Shoemaker manufacturing shoes in crafting studio. Close up craftsman hands cut out by template leather blank. Cobbler producing leather footwear workpiece. Handicraftsman cutting material with knife

Slow motion shot of a African man working in a bicycle repair shop

Two teenagers craftsmen drilling and sawing details in workshop

Young woman worker in the carpenter workroom.

Mature Cabinet Maker Creates a Cabrioli Leg Using Bandsaw/Middle aged cabinet maker creates a cabrioli table leg using professional bandsaw. He has a restoration shop, most probably a family business

Sculptor, young artist, art, craftsman, artisan working, hispanic man

Man at work as craftsman in workshop with guitar and musical instrument, smoothing guitar body

Extreme close up of a craftsman using the white clay to strong the pottery plate which moves on a disk of potter wheel. Magical atmosphere, modern art, professionalism.

Young professional potter moves the disk of pottery wheel creating the sculpture. Summer time, sunny weather. Handwork, handmade, workshop. Talent, hobby. Slow motion, male portrait

Professional bearded bartender pouring rum in the metal beaker, then in glass. Barman making cocktail in modern bar with many bottles on shelves

Bartender working. Decorating an alcoholic cocktail in the glass

Asian restaurant, chinese chef cooking food, man as skilled, successful professional cook working in kitchen, professional occupation, job, people at work

Bottom view of professional female confectioner sprinkling powdered sugar on pink marshmallows on the table with violet flowers in the plate in the stylish kitchen.

Top view of female chef hands decorating marshmallow using powdered sugar from the plate. Close up shot.

Young male cook with uniform preparing a meat sauce

Chef prepares dough for making pasta, flouring the dough and kneading it

Muscular man blacksmith with hammer in forge creating steel knife

Forging steel machine inside industrial plant. Getting the detail a form under the huge pressure automatic sledgehammer

The mechanic's hands grind the car body with a grinder

woman Factory worker in helmet transporting packing firebricks with workshop rail mounted gantry crane

Construction worker carrying scaffolding parts on a construction project