Contributor of the Month


Experts in capturing footage of everyday people including friendships, families, and business professionals, Pressmaster is our featured contributor of the month. There's 5,000+ brand new clips from them in the library - see some of them below and start searching to see more!

Lockdown of young pretty African woman standing in her flat, looking at camera with smile on her face

Medium shot of young Asian mother talking to cute toddler boy sitting in car seat and holding wooden toy during car ride

Close-up shot of young asian woman smiling and discussing something with middle eastern boyfriend in cafe

Medium shot of laughing African woman with sports bottle chatting with female friends sitting on windowsill during break in fitness class

Medium shot of two friendly young men of different ethnicities talking to each other at work in office while colleagues working in the background

Tracking shot with tilt up of cheerful elderly couple with hiking backpacks walking along forest path and chatting on sunny summer day

Tilt up shot of young Muslim woman in hijab sitting in office reception area and taking personality test before job interview, then looking up and smiling for camera

Close up shot of cute black boy of primary school age holding camera and riding shopping trolley at supermarket

Chest-up shot of Afro-American warehouse employee wearing safety helmet, blue shirt and tie, filling out checklist on clipboard, against blurred dimly lit background

Portrait of young mixed race woman in glasses looking at camera and smiling while working on computer in office

Close up of young serious Arab man putting off round shape glasses and looking at camera

Young asian dressmaker typing on laptop and discussing fabric with african american colleague while working together at desk in sewing studio

Close-up of beautiful senior woman smiling and enjoying the view around while taking a break during hiking in forest

Close up shot of African American man with headphones listening to music on smartphone while standing outdoors by perforated wall of modern building on sunny day

Tracking medium shot of concentrated young Asian woman in glasses and formal clothes sitting at desk in modern office and typing on laptop computer

Tracking portrait shot of cheerful black woman smiling for camera in lobby of hotel

Attractive african american businesswoman typing on laptop while working at desk in the office

Medium shot of four friends standing at table by lake, talking, smiling, laughing and eating food at picnic

Medium shot of two young Asian people testing smartphone camera at gadget store and smiling while taking selfie or having video conversation

Medium shot of middle-aged Asian woman sitting in backseat of car and working on laptop computer

Tracking of passionate black female dance teacher showing moves to diverse group of people in airy studio on sunny day

Tracking shot of multi-ethnic audience watching movie in dark cinema. Unrecognizable people standing up from their seats and leaving

Handheld tracking of elderly businessman in suit talking to blond businesswoman as they are waiting for female Muslim applicant to finish her skills assessment test during panel job interview

Tracking shot of male Arab constriction site manager in hard hat and safety vest talking on mobile phone in unfinished high-rise building. Bearded worker with walkie-talkie in background

African American seamstress with measuring tape over her neck working on computer at desk in studio while her colleague using sewing machine in background

African American businessman in casual denim shirt talking with female colleague during discussion in the office

Medium shot of confident disabled sportsman with prosthetic leg sitting down on bench in indoor stadium before practice

Closeup handheld shot of young Asian businesswoman discussing project with colleagues

Closeup of diverse team of business professionals discussing project at meeting

Close up tracking shot of face of middle-aged Asian woman having phone conversation with colleague

Handheld medium shot of group of cheerful multiethnic young designers discussing color samples at meeting in office

Close-up of hipster african american man in fedora hat and ripped jeans sitting on urban rooftop at sunset and playing the guitar

Dolly shot of black businessman and businesswoman walking along office corridor and discussing work

Medium shot of young Asian woman using marker and drawing charts on whiteboard during coding workshop

Tilt up shot of Asian school-age boy and middle-aged father in glasses helping cute preschool-age girl eating apple and playing game on tablet

Excited little African girl swinging wand and making lots of soap bubbles in the air while playing in park. SLOWMO footage