Extreme Closeups

Zoom in on the everyday with our curated collection of closeup footage and clips.

bee collecting pollen on yellow flower

Man playing on acoustic guitar side angle, close up.

Close up shot of a clock and its seconds hand isolated on a black background showing the time passing...

Special tracking macro shot moving between chess pieces on a chess board

Close up of men's haircut with clipper in the barbershop.

Close up footage of a woman sewing a black cotton with a sewing machine...

Green herb, moving by the wind. Blurred Background.

Extreme Close Up Mixing Colors On Palette

Extreme macro shot of a brown human eye

Extremely Close Up of Mans Hands doing Artistic Wood Carving. Producing an Ornament on Wood with Chisel and Hammer on a Panel of Wood Carved Decoration. Handicrafts. Furniture Production. Handmade.

Extreme close up view of a male chef seasoning fresh meat in a bright light. Butcher preparing steak to grill with garlic, rosemary, pepper, salt. Delicious, modern cuisine, exclusive recipe.

Car mirror with sunset. Extreme close up of car side mirror when a sun shines through while driving.

Closeup blueberry and green leaf in glass jug placed on dark wooden desk

Close-up of a Isolated Ripe Wheat Straws Waving in Wind

Bubbles Champagne Inside A Wineglass For Ceremonies And Weddings. Close Up.

Mechanical Parts of a Typewriter - HD Close-Up

Sliding macro shot of a pen tip writing French words on paper

Connecting USB Port to Laptop Computer

Adorable Dog Snout with Worried Eyes Up Close

Fingerprint scanning futuristic technology , with circuit digital security system.

Match inginiting burning extreme macro close up background. Macro extreme close up shot of a wooden match igniting after being heated up,and bursting into flames burning till the end.

Extreme macro dolly shot of a PCB computer board with capacitors and transistors