Bottom's Up!

This round's on us.

Beer, wine, liquor - whatever your preference, there's footage to capture the feeling of a fun night out or the refreshment of a drink at the end of a long day.

Portrait two fun caucasian and one confident african american men sitting on the sofa. Three men sitting together at home drinking beer. Friends clink their bottles. One man choked, everybody laughing

Can Manufacturing, Miller Brewing Company

Beer Bottling Machine, Miller Brewing Company

PORTU , PORTUGAL - 20 DECEMBER 2018 A fountain made up of bottles of port wine alcohol.

Shot Of Olive Splashing Into Martini On The Background Of The Pool.

The Barman's Hand Puts a Piece of Mint into a Cool Strawberry Cocktail. Pieces of Frozen Ice around the Drink. Cold Drink, professional Barman, Desire to quench the thirst.

Glasses And Champagne In The Hands Of A Young Man.

People clink glasses in a restaurant. Group of people toasting and drinking champagne. Birthday. Friends drinking Wine. 4K (UHD).

Wine barrels stacked in a old cellar. Oak barrel, aged wine Italy.

Old Wine cellars a warehouse with dusty bottles. 4K (UHD).

Glass of whiskey with ice cubes and cigar placed on top of stone serving plate. Stone marble background.

A multigeneration family clinking glasses with red wine on a indoor family birthday party, making a toast. Slow motion.

Closeup Whiskey With Snakes, Centipedes and Scorpions In Laos

Waitress Carries Martinis On Trays Through Bar

Many Glasses. Waiter serving tables for cocktail party with champagne.

Beer Flights at a Brewery on the Lake

Bartender show performance with fire juggling and alcohol

Four successful business people drinking beer and rejoice

Young people talking at the bar

Dark beer glass with foam slowly dripping down. Hand scooping pint of beer under beer tap, slow-mo.

Single beautiful mixed race female taking glass and thanking barkeeper for cocktail. Young elegant lonely woman relaxing at bar counter, drinking, enjoying atmosphere of modern nightclub

Beer Being Poured Into Glass, Brewery

Champagne Is Poured Into A Glass. Bubbles In The Alcoholic Beverage.