Amazing Aerials

Get the right point of view with aerial footage handpicked from our library. Our new collection features aerial stock footage of mountains, beaches, cities, and landscapes--share the world with aerial footage.

4K 60fps Aerial of Athabasca River in Jasper

futuristic architecture. modern buildings. cityscape

flying over forest. snow winter landscape. trees woods. sunset sky dusk

helicopter view of city skyline. skyscrapers cityscape. modern buildings

Nighttime Zoom In Freedom Tower Aerial

Hawaii Stunning Scenic Roadway Aerial

winter landscape. snow covered mountains. aerial view. fly over

Aerial Zoom to Statue of liberty Book

skyline frankfurt. bank. financial district. helicopter fly over. city

aerial view of sailboats pier. ship dock. fly over. boats. lake water

Aerial speeding up to Grand Canyon

Aerial Shenandoah Valley Blue Ridge Mountains 14

city skyline at night. aerial view. fly over. skyscrapers. towers. buildings

new york city at night skyline bridge aerial view

flying over spring trees shadows. springtime. sun flare light. nature plants

Aerial Night Shot Panning Past New York GE Building

Tilt Down to Highways Crossing

Fast-moving Tracking Shot Over Mit And Cambridge, Massachusetts

magic hour sunset. aerial view.water lake.sailboats dock pier.panorama horizon.

Sweeping Aerial Statue of Liberty's Torch

boats dock. fly over. sunset lake view. aerial view. sunshine magic hour

flying into the sun light. nostalgic building. romantic. old. fly over

4K 60fps Aerial of Fall Colors in Jasper National Park

skyline skyscrapers. city cityscape. traffic road street. aerial view

Sweeping New York City Aerial Looking Downtown

aerial view. trees forest silhouette. springtime. sun flare light. nature plants

flying trough spring trees. silhouette. springtime. sun flare light. nature

4K 60fps Aerial of Woman by Athabasca Rive in Jasper

Aerial fall foliage flyover straight down

way of life. path way road street. aerial view. lake panorama view

skyline skyscrapers. city cityscape. modern architecture buildings. aerial view

Lighthouse Water Landscape

View from drone on building site of bridge over river at sunset

Aerial footage of active couple running in scenic countryside

Sunset aerial farm flyover 7

Gorgeous Sunrise Above Lush Ocean Aerial

Sunset aerial farm flyover 8

drone lifts off at trailer park

Canyon aerial flyover 2

Aerial fall foliage road flyover 5

Aerial Swoop Over Mit, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Aerial fall foliage road flyover 1

Fenway Park Isolated From The Air, Boston, Massachusetts

Aerial shot of mountain top communication towers

Aerial Over Vast Ocean

Sunset aerial farm flyover 5

4K 60fps Aerial of RV Driving on Icefields Parkway in Jasper

Aerial Highway Flyby

Flying Overhead LA Roadway

aerial 4K wheat harvesting

Colorful Morning Sky Over Ocean Aerial

Aerial Shot Of Mountain Lake

Aerial of Bright Sunrise on Beach

Aerial View Boston Along Zakim Bridge

Aerial View Boston Along Charles River 2

Waves flow toward the coast

Aerial Fenway Park