The Storyblocks music library is now 100% exclusive

Today, we’re excited to announce that the Storyblocks music library (formerly known as audioblocks) is now 100% exclusive!

Create more unique and engaging videos, with music tracks that you won’t find on any other platform. From cinematic and awe-inspiring scores to upbeat tunes and chill beats, explore over 28,000 exclusive music tracks to create better videos that stand out from the competition and captivate your audience.

Save time searching for high-quality content with our curated content library, which we refresh daily to surface the most relevant, high-quality assets for your projects. And, because our music is now 100% exclusive, you can create more confidently with less risk, knowing that there’s less likelihood of copyright claims and publishing delays when your next project goes live!

Storyblocks 2024 milestones

Our 100% exclusive music library is just one of many major milestones for the Storyblocks content library in 2024. Check out some of the other ways we’ve invested in our content, and in our artists, so that you can create better videos, faster than ever:

Milestone 1: Growing our library by 40%

We’ve added new content to grow our library by 40% in the past 12 months! Members now have access to over 2.6 million assets, including video, video templates, audio, and images to fit any project need.

Milestone 2: New DaVinci Resolve templates

In December 2023, we launched DaVinci Resolve templates in our library, with 700+ templates available to download. Our easy-to-use templates can help you quickly and easily add advanced effects and motion graphics to your projects. We also have templates for other popular video editing software, including After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Apple Motion.


Milestone 3: Fresh content daily

Did you know that all the content in the Storyblocks library is refreshed daily? We do this to ensure you always have the newest, most relevant content in our demand-driven library. In the same vein, we also regularly remove outdated content so that you always have the best selection to choose from. In the past year alone, we removed nearly 200,000 assets from our content library!

Milestone 4: Award-winning artists

At Storyblocks, our content is only as good as our artists. We’re proud to say we rely on a community of 700+ professional artists, many of whom have won awards for their work. While we grew our artist community by 20% in 2023, we still only accept 3% of applicants to ensure you only have the highest-quality, curated content.

Milestone 5: Improving representation in stock media

We believe that videos should reflect the world around us, so we’ve continued our commitment to increasing representation in stock media. Since launching Re:Stock in 2020, we’re proud to say that 25% of our people footage features BIPOC models, empowering you to represent and reach audiences worldwide. As of now, 57% of our audio artists also identify as BIPOC, and 30% identify as female and/or LGBTQIA+.


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