The Different Types of Video Your Company Can Use

Creating engaging and powerful video content is easier than ever. Many organizations are now utilizing stock media to quickly edit together videos that are engaging and well received by their customers. This can save money, and is much faster as there may be, in some cases, no need to film new footage. Consider this approach when checking out the following 7 types of video that your company can use!

In today’s digital world, there’s an endless demand for video content, making it no surprise that video is the preferred way to consume information. Whether it’s to promote a product to a potential client or to train an employee, video is the most efficient tool to share an idea, message, or story, in an easy-to-digest way. And with today’s pressure to juggle multiple projects with tight deadlines, comes the need to communicate as effectively as possible, not only to your customers but to your company’s team too! Luckily, creating engaging and powerful video content is easier than ever, and we have unpacked 7 types of video your company can use to create impactful stories. It’s no longer necessary to hire a big production crew with an even bigger budget to shoot just one company video. It’s something that should be infused throughout your organization, both externally and internally.

Businesses have traditionally hired Videographers to produce content for them, but, this can be expensive, and time-consuming, so many organizations are now utilizing stock media to quickly edit together videos that are engaging and well received by their customers. This can save money, and is much faster as there may be, in some cases, no need to film new footage. Consider this approach when checking out the following 7 types of video that your company can use!

External Facing Videos

The first 4 video ideas will be External facing videos that are shown to the public and intended to make people want to use your service, buy your product or work with your company. These types of videos can increase conversions, improve your customer retention rate and increase awareness about your company’s message. 


Promotional videos are often the first impression your customer will have with your company. They should be impactful and highlight the problem you can solve for them. Promo videos establish the vibe of your business through purposefully chosen clips that exemplify the feel of your product or service. They should be on the shorter side; around 30 seconds to 3 minutes long, and provide information about the key components of what your company does, what makes you different and how you can help them.

Effective promotional videos show small tidbits to entice the viewer to want to see or learn more, and usually include a call-to-action at the end. Promo videos can live in several places, including the top of your website’s home page, on your company’s Facebook page and other social channels. They can also easily be repurposed to use as ads on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.


Word of mouth marketing is one of the most trustworthy ways to attract more users and establish credibility because someone, who has nothing to gain from sharing the experience they had with your company, is choosing to boast essentially on your behalf. In a way, they’re putting their credibility on the line by recommending your business. Since this type of marketing typically occurs in a conversation, it can be incredibly effective, however, there are limitations to how many people it can reach. Testimonial videos take word of mouth marketing to a whole new level because when a customer expresses their experience in a video, with your product or service, it becomes shareable and can be viewed by the masses. These videos feel genuine and sincere and get potential customers excited about your product or service!

If you have customers that are willing to partake in a testimonial video, you can ask them to include what they thought of your product or service, how your business solved a problem for them or made their lives easier, and if they would recommend your company to others. 


Explainer videos or Product demos are detailed demonstrations that teach your customers how to use your product or service and give them an idea of what to expect. They highlight the features and benefits, build your company’s credibility and distinguish your business from the competition. If suitable, it’s nice to show the presenter’s face on camera to build familiarity with your clientele, as it’s more relatable to see a real person using the product or service.

For more complicated explanations, try adding text on screen to emphasize key points. Using stock text templates is a great way to make your text structured, consistent and visually appealing! 

And it doesn’t hurt to encourage viewers to pause, playback and come back to that video whenever they need a refresher. To ensure these types of videos are jam-packed with helpful information, be sure to spend a bit more time thinking and writing out what will be shown in the video. You can refer to your company’s FAQ’s about the specific product or service to make sure you’ve covered details that people commonly ask about!


A “Meet The Team” video is a more personal way to showcase the unique skills and talents of your employees. This type of video humanizes your business and gives viewers a deeper look at the work that goes on behind the scenes. Meet the team videos help build relationships, trust and connection. Shining the spotlight on individuals within your company also shows them that they’re valued. This type of video should feature the people that make up your business and express what that individual does or loves about their job. It’s also fun to add something personal about the individual that is unrelated to work.

Internal Facing Videos

Next, let’s take a look at Internal facing videos that employees within your company can watch, create and use! Internal facing videos can encourage communication with team members and fuel collaboration within your organization. These types of videos are being used more and more, so here are 3 types of Internal facing videos that your organization can create!


HR onboarding videos are a practical orientation tool that saves time and money when providing new employees with an introduction to being a new team member of your organization. These types of videos can include an overview of how your company does business, how to support one another, and who you are as a business. Since this process can span over several months, as the employee navigates through their new role, video is an excellent way to provide cohesive information with a new hire, including; the company’s vision, values, purpose, and mission statement, to ensure that a strong foundation for retention and motivation is being laid.

Leaders of various departments can welcome the new team member, and interviews with employees that have grown within the company can be created to share stories about the opportunities and incentives they’ve experienced. 

HR onboarding videos tend to be anywhere from 5 minutes to around 30 minutes long. And a great way to further demonstrate an idea or concept, is to use stock footage collections that contain multiple clips of the same person(s) or the same scene from various angles.


Internal announcement videos help boost the morale of a company, increase employee contribution, and ensure clarity of specific messaging for those within the organization. Annual innovations and future company targets and goals are well-received in video form. Recognizing outstanding employees that have gone above and beyond is another excellent reason to share an internal announcement video!


Training videos are an extremely useful way to educate an employee or team about how to perform a specific task, and should present clear, up-to-date information. Training videos should generally be more formal and the content should be structured and concise. Similar to explainer videos, when planning training videos out, it’s a good idea to write step-by-step instructions ahead of time that can be referred to when you create the video, to ensure all the important information will be included. Employees should be encouraged throughout the video to pause the video, take notes, and review the video again at a later date if they need a refresher.

These types of videos can help a business save money, and allow an employee to develop valuable skills by training staff efficiently.

Video is an effective communication tool within your organization, as well as being an easy and shareable way to engage with your customers. There’s no doubt that video is the preferred way people want to consume content! And remember, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the idea of creating videos because with all the stock assets available to you through Storyblocks, it’s easier than ever to create high quality, and engaging videos that stand out.

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