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Powerful Energy Core


The plot on the topic of environmental protection.

Abstract energy colored tunnel portal

Abstract yellow rings spheres from energy magic waves of smoke circles and glowing lines on a black background


Fire flames Loop animation Isolated burning flame With alpha Channel

Abstract animation motion design with star explosion, green particle sphere & rays in space background (4k)

Launched Missile flying over the desert, 25 FPS.

Power line icon on the Alpha Channel


Group of wind turbines spinning on the offshore marine environment. Creating power from the environment during sunset. Clean, green, ecological, alternative energy source. Top wide perspective.

cable, electric, energy, grid, power, pylon, supply, tower


featuring colorful energy glowing Wave particle explosions, frosty fog effects Abstract moving magic glow flying

Ultra realistic explosion


featuring colorful energy glowing trail Wave particle explosion animation abstract moving magic glow flying

Fractal light forms ripple and shine (Loop).

Blue and red background. Motion. A bright background on which there is an animation in which various parts with molecules and branches from

Shockwave Explosion Freeze Background

Energy Wave 1008: A glowing plasma ball bursts with energy (Loop).


fire ball Energy effect blast explosion towards to camera glowing flames on black background


featuring colorful energy glowing trail Wave particle explosion animation abstract moving magic glow flying


Fiery transitions burning fuel on a transparent background. Fire, flame, explodes,smoke, fume and burning video transitions on transparent background with alpha channel.

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Research and Application Center

Abstract Swirling Mesh Shape Fx Background

Abstract sci fi tunnel of spider web on a black background. Design. Hexagonal corridor with neon lines and gradient effect.

Blue energy abstract with a spherical plasma look radiating electric rays

Purple and pink stripes. Design. Light strips made in the backlight that move in abstraction.


featuring colorful energy glowing trail Wave particle explosion animation abstract moving magic glow flying


colorful smoke powder explosion Particle Color burst effects with alpha channel

Futuristic orb with energy flow. Round sphere with particles flowing as concept of network data, information and digital communication.

Human Muscle Anatomy

firefighter emergency worker with hydrant animation

Motion retro thunderbolt abstract background. Elegant and luxury dynamic 80s, 90s style template

Russian Military Convoy of Armored Personal Carriers. High-quality Visual Effects 3d Animation


Gas meters on a brick wall showing fuel flow in a timelapse. Endless, seamless, looping animation. Fast forward gauges and instruments symbolising a giant amount of money spent on gas. 4KHD

Video Background 2090: Abstract organic light forms ripple and shine (Loop).

Abstract red green futuristic sci-fi plasma circular form. 3D animation of shining energy force field light strokes waving on a ring motion path for logo or text. Seamless 4K loop with alpha matte

Looping Fan on Alpha Channel


Gold Streaming Lines on dark Background

Electric Lighting Energy Animation. Seamless background or over-layer. 25 FPS.


Futuristic concept sports car racing through a tunnel made of lights at high speed. Endless, seamless sci-fi environment. Slick, luxurious supercar shines in the lights showing its dynamic lines.

Abstract Wave Energy Background Loop


Blue energy magic circle, sphere, ball made of futuristic energy particles, force field made of dots. Abstract background. Video in high quality 4k, motion design

Action Comic Power Thunder Strikes Fx Loop/ Animation of a blue comic manga dynamic distorted electric rays twitching on black background


Abstract moving magic trails, glowing blue energy particle Wave effects

Background. Design. The black background is like looking into a telescope and a bright circle with different colors that shimmer and spin

Cartoon Fire Transition with Alpha channel 4K

Beautiful realistic flight over cumulus lush clouds at sunset


Multiple old, rusty outdoor air conditioner units on the brick wall. Camera moves upwards in endless, seamless loop. Many units providing fresh, cool air to the citizens. City overheat as a result.