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Shannon Beveridge

Shannon Beveridge

Creating footage that represents all of us.

Re: Stock is an ongoing initiative from Storyblocks, created as a reply to the demand for more diversity in our library. We're hiring filmmakers like Shannon to create new footage collections, exclusive to Storyblocks, that authentically capture those underrepresented in stock.

The @NowThisIsLiving collection

Shannon Beveridge (@NowThisIsLiving) explores the intimate moments of queer relationships and family in her new footage collection, exclusively for Storyblocks.

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The Re: Stock Initiative

Re: Stock is a response to the demand for content that more accurately reflects the world today from Storyblocks member comments, tweets, and emails, our own internal conversations, and the growing dialogue about the importance of representation in media.

The stock industry has a pipeline issue. The large-scale stock providers tend to be from European countries with majority white populations, leading their footage to primarily feature that majority.

Re: Stock actively and purposefully widens the pipeline by supporting underrepresented communities in front of and behind the camera. By hiring these filmmakers, the stock footage they create can capture genuine portrayals and experiences of people of different races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, ages, religions, abilities and more.

For Re: Stock Queer Spaces and Faces, Storyblocks teamed up with Shannon and five other LGBTQIA+ filmmakers to produce a collection of footage that shows authentic representations of the different communities under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella, while also remaining true to the intersectional foundation of the community by exploring themes of race and gender. Learn more.




About Shannon

Shannon Beveridge

It's so important that in storytelling and media we have representation so people know they are not alone, and that who they are is beautiful and perfect and celebrated.

Shannon Beveridge
Creator, Nowthisisliving Inc.

Recognizing the need for diverse representation in entertainment, Shannon has made it her mission as a storyteller to represent the LGBTQIA+ community through her work. While Shannon still loves creating her own content, she’s recently delved into directing and producing music videos for artists like Joy Oladokun, Alyson Stoner, and Fletcher. She's also produced some stunning narrative shorts and has received several awards for her work. Shannon is a board member for the Love Loud Foundation and hopes to continue her mission to foster an inclusive future for everyone. See more of Shannon's work on her YouTube channel and Instagram.

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This is just the beginning of our commitment to diversifying and increasing representation in our unlimited stock library. Members with video subscriptions have unlimited download access to all of our current and future Re:Stock content.