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Midsection of aggressive brutal street hooligan clapping with baseball bat on hand indoors. Violent mean thug with sport bat standing in figthing position, ready to attack in industrial foggy premises

Hidden man in shade, points finger at people, calling for report, makes a hand cutting throat sign

Jealous husband unable to control aggression yelling at wife, calling out cheater and humiliating woman with distrust. Mad man raising hand threatening with violence during family conflict in kitchen.

Threatening incident in dark underpass: Woman's plea for safety

Close-up of person in hoodie threatening another person with a weapon in dark subway passage at night. Scared individual pleading for safety. Terrified person and intense situation.


Rebel tough woman threating to hit someone with a rolling pin as a weapon, being angry and aggressive in studio. Powerful violent girl

Senior couple having relationship difficulties at home

Close up of a young boxer in sports wear with a threatening gesture, clenching his fist. Boxer clenches his fists

Angry boss has a business conversation on webcam in the office

halloween masked creature


Rebel tough woman threating to hit someone with a rolling pin as a weapon, being angry and aggressive in studio. Powerful violent girl

Top down shot of young girl sitting on floor in dark bedroom, reading threatening messages on phone and suffering from cyberbullying. CG animated text appearing in copy space

Angry African American man makes gesture of cutting off head

Grim looking hoodlum in hoodie holding baseball bat, walking with aggressive threatening look. Brutal street thug with baseball bat, expressing hostility, rage and danger in industrial foggy primeses.

Black Woman Shaking Finger In Negation Person Saying No With Hand

Multiracial offender grabbing the gun and threatening to harm detectives during interrogation process. They are very scared and raise their hands up.

Angry criminal with a knife in his hand


Strong confident woman threatening to fight with a rolling pin, aggressive strike with a wooden weapon against blue background. Young person

Face of a man at the dark

Close up handheld shot of young Caucasian man in white balaclava pointing with handgun at camera and then posing with it in dark empty parking area

Closeup mad man with angry facial expression is playing with nodules. Cropped mouth of angry bearded 40s man grinding jaw. Frustrated

Cool man in black suite raises his forefinger

Stressed girl lying down on bed at night and receiving bullying messages on mobile phone. CG animated text popping up around

blond halloween surprise woman in a mask

Medium POV shot of young caucasian couple in balaclavas pointing with handguns at camera indoors

Concerned hipster man with dreadlocks expressing frustration indoors.

Close-up of police detective is threatened with a weapon during interview. There is also his colleague in interrogation room with him.

Strict businessman is arguing on green screen. Arrogant dark-skinned man in business suit arguing and pointing with finger on chroma key background.

Crying teenage girl reading embarrassing messages on smartphone, suffering from stress and anxiety while being victim of cyberbullying. CG animated text popping up on copy space

Teen girl lying in bed at night, receiving threatening messages on mobile phone, curling up and crying. CG animated text appearing in copy space

Black teen girl lying on bed at night, receiving bullying messages on smartphone and suffering from insomnia, animated text popping up around gadget


Bandits with guns and hostages. Stock. Man threatens rich family with gun. Bandit robs rich family and holds them hostage

Depressed girl lying down on bed at night, reading bullying message from hater about her appearance on mobile phone and feeling upset. CG animated text popping up on upper part of screen

Side pan handheld shot of Caucasian young couple in balaclavas threatening pawnbroker with guns and taking bag with money

Plastic bags on the grass. Urban pollution.

POV shot of handgun pointed at camera by young caucasian female bandit in pink balaclava standing near car in empty parking lot at night

Frustrated black girl getting bullying messages on mobile phone and hitting bed nervously, CG animated text popping up in copy space

Sad girl siting on bed at night, reading phone messages from online haters and having stress. CG animated text popping up in copy space

Medium tilt handheld shot of black male pawnbroker putting money in bag being threatened with handgun by Caucasian delinquent couple of bandits in balaclavas

Children hide behind tree in night wood. Scared little boy and girl lost in wild park in evening. Preschooler kids threatened by loneliness

POV shot of two young Caucasian robbers pointing guns at black male pawnbroker giving items they want at pawnshop

Man takes gun off holster in bookstore closeup. Armed robber prepares to college library customers. African American security guy at work

Angry senior woman warns showing throat slitting gesture

POV shot of Caucasian bandit couple pointing guns to black male pawnbroker giving them money and then making phone call indoors

Medium side handheld shot of young Caucasian couple of robbers putting on balaclavas and taking guns in car before robbery

Girl sending text message, throwing phone away and holding head in hands while having emotional breakdown in bedroom at home

Scared child hides behind tree trunk in night forest. Little girl lost in evening nature park during hiking. Kid threatened by darkness in

Black girl sitting in bedroom at night, reading online message on phone and crying while being bullied about her appearance, CG animated text appearing on copy space