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Steel knife blade. Close up of blade knife. Steel knife edge with water dripping. Water drop on steel knife blade

Close Up On Man Gripping Knife With Knuckle Rings

Reflection of evil killer in knife close-up. Psycho murderer using sharp weapon for killing victims. Halloween time. Concept of horror film or nightmare.

silhouette of a woman in a doorway with a large knife 4k

Unrecognizable Person Cutting Thanksgiving Turkey During Dinner At Home, Cropped

Medium of young African American woman and man wearing aprons, standing at kitchen island, cutting fresh cucumber and eggplant on cutting boards, talking and smiling

Lockoff of hand removing a large knife from a knife block.

Mystical horror background with dark bloody and knife on wood. Holiday Halloween, abstract backdrop. Luxury and elegant dynamic animation footage of halloween theme


Man working as cook preparing traditional Chinese street food in Lanzhou, Gansu province, China, Asia. Market with stalls and shops selling Asian food. People at work in restaurant kitchen

Steel knife blade. Close up of blade knife. Steel blade knife with water dripping. Sword blade dripping water. Close up of kitchen knife edge

Creepy death silhouette walking with knife on red background. Mystical scary murderer going to kill. Halloween costume of killer. Horror scene movie of psycho serial.

Chef takes sharp knife before cooking, kitchen stuff, steel knife, cooking the dish

A person takes out the knives from a wooden knife holder one by one

knife slicing a red onion close up

Silhouette of the hand of a maniac killing a victim with a knife

Grim girl in a ritual wardrobe with a knife in a dark

Murder scene in kitchen with knife and blood on tile floor 4k

Mother and son chopping vegetables in kitchen at home 4k

Chef cuts lemon in a half, fruit salad, girl prepares fresh drinks, lemon for tequila, fruits in the kitchen

silhouette of a man walking into a home with a large knife 4k

Senior man chopping vegetables in the kitchen

Female hands cut the kiwi with a knife, close up

Hand With Knife Manually Cut Open Green Fresh Coconut For Juice

Dolly shot of interior of a kitchen with a knife stand in front

Close-up of bearded man in hoodie assaulting young woman with knife in dark subway passage at night. Scared frightened female asking attacker for mercy. Terrified lady and angry criminal portrait

Cutting tomato by culinary knife. Slow motion

Hands of chef in white rubber gloves cutting wheaten bread on the wooden board close up. Serving of food in modern restaurant

Close-up of female cook in coronavirus face mask examining kitchen knife in sunbeam. Side view of concentrated professional chef with cooking utensil in sunlight on Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.

Knife Animated Travel Adventure icon Line Drawing Animation Transparent Vector Motion Graphics Loop

Mother and daughter keeping food on plate in kitchen 4k

chef peeling onion

Close up, back view of armed man, holding the knife in his hands, hiding it behind his back. Concept of violence, murder.

Knife and blood on kitchen floor

Young man cuts onion in half with chef knife. Home cook prepares healthy dinner with vegetables in the kitchen.

Mystical horror background with dark blood and knife, abstract backdrop. Luxury and elegant dynamic animation footage of horror and halloween theme

Female hands with knife, cutting fresh red chili peppers, steadicam

Handsome african american male tourist peeling potatoes, preparing food ingredients for cooking at campsite while positive diverse multiracial backpackers enjoying recreation mountain hiking.

A huge blade on the green screen. Meat knife.

Man sharpening knife with sparks

Close-up of chef hands cooking and preparing food in restaurant open kitchen. Slow Motion. A delicious gourmet meal is being prepared by the chef in a restaurant or hotel kitchen.

JODHPUR, INDIA - 12 FEBRUARY 2015: Woman chopping large branch to smaller parts at market in Jodhpur.

Young woman spreading butter on wholemeal bread, super slow motion

Sliced red bell pepper

Scared young woman running away and hiding from attacker in dark underpass behind the column. Terrified shaking woman being chased by criminal with knife. Male silhoette approaching female

Chef sharpens knife, preparations for cooking, food delivery, choped vegetables, knife is slicing the food

Metal Working Using an Angle Grinder to Sharpen a Knife in the Workshop