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Surprised and shocked man taking off his glasses and looking at the smartphone screen

Shocked and surprised man puts his hands to his head and looking at camera. People sincere emotions.

A man in surprise shoots glasses and looks at the camera in surprise. Businessman shocked.

Shocked man watching something absorbing on his smartphone, steadycam shot

Portrait of Surprised Woman, Amazed and Stunned, Orange Background

Frightened and stunned man watching a movie in the dark

Indoor portrait of shocked emotionally stressed african man with wide opened mouth and eyes touching head with two hands, looking desperate and disbelieved by bad news.

Upset guy holding tablet at office closeup. Worried businessman reading bad pad news at coworking. Disappointed boss feeling sad from negative answer sitting couch. Ceo shock from business problem

Portrait of scared girl looking on grey background. Closeup disappointed woman posing in slow motion. Worried lady shocked at camera. Upset female model standing in studio.

Shocked african american man reading bad message on smartphone, sitting in bed at home, emotionally reacting to news

Close-up portrait of young woman amazed by smartphone videos

Male freelancer receiving astonishing news. Adult man in smart casual clothes touching head and expressing surprise after receiving message on laptop during work in light home office

Closeup shocked man watching shocking news at night. Portrait of frustrated businessman reading bad news at remote workplace

Portrait of shocked african american in suit. Amazed and surprised black business man against windows background.

Sincere joy: Close-up of young man celebrating good news

Shocked woman face looking at tablet computer. Close up of surprised woman emotion. Shocked girl watching internet news online at tablet computer. Shock expression of woman using tablet

Surprised young man amazed, close-up view

Displeased woman gesturing on grey background in studio. Closeup disappointed woman looking at camera. Upset female model shocking in slow motion.

Shocked Woman Expressing Disgust Negative Emotion Shaking Head, Pink Background

Millennial red hair man reading bad news on mobile phone and getting upset. Sad person using smartphone at home.

Man reads bad news using laptop. Upset African American man is nervous about something looking at commputer.

Feeling surprised. Man is being emotional looking at his smartphone. Man s facepalm. Man is putting his hand on face.

Surprised woman face looking laptop screen. Close up of shocked woman enjoy online information. Portrait of cheerful woman emotion. Female face with surprised expression looking laptop

Stressed caucasian middle-aged man sitting on the sofa in bedroom while get bad news from mobile phone. Depressed and hopeless male being alone with negative emotion.

Closeup frustrated woman posing on gray background. Portrait of sad female person making hand gestures indoors. Shocked girl holding head with hands in studio.

Eye of a scared man

Sad bearded man watching laptop and telling bad news and sharing failures with diverse coworkers in office


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A pensive businessman recieving bad news about crypto market crash on his laptop

Young funny caucasian guy grimacing mind explosion on isolated on gray background. An emotional man in black shirt can't explain his

Women Sharing Rumor Whispering Secret To Friend Ear Person Reaction With Shock And Unbelief To News 2

Close up of a mouth and woman hands in a wow or shock emotion expression gesture

Eye of a scared man in the dark

Very excited millennial businessman in his early 30s shouting yes reacting to winning or accomplishing something

Shocked Caucasian senior women shaking heads talking and looking at tablet screen. Dazed retirees using social media online sitting on couch at home.

Surprised woman watching news on phone in bedroom

Wow, incredible! Young man in awe, expressing surprise and shock

emotion, expression and people concept - shocked indian man over grey background

emotion, expression and people concept - shocked indian man over grey background

Stressed caucasian middle-aged man while get bad news from mobile phone. Depressed and hopeless male being alone with negative emotion. Mental health and economic life problem concept

Surprised woman presenting product against pink background

African american surprised on sighting something unbelievable

Millennial man in 30s with beard surprised by winning, celebrating victory

The mesmerizing storm with lightning in the night sky. time lapse

Woman in blue hoodie expresses strong emotions in isolated setting

Frustrated person addressing malfunctioning mobile device